Yoghurt and Jelly Pudding With Frozen Berries

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yoghurt and jelly pudding

I’m on a mission right now to use up all the items that are lurking in my kitchen cupboards, taking up space, and being pushed from side-to-side, day after day.

Somehow, I’ve accumulated 11 packets of sugar-free jelly… in all kinds of flavours. It’s time to use them up!

My kids don’t actually like jelly on its own and a creamy trifle won’t help my waistline, so I’ve made a yoghurt and jelly pudding concoction that tastes great and is diet-friendly, too.

And since I don’t have a ‘stir-it-all-together-and-chuck-in-fridge’ category, I’m filing this under Recipes.

Yoghurt and Jelly Pudding


  • 1 sachet of sugar-free jelly (I used strawberry)
  • 2 tubs of Muller Light fat free yoghurt (I used strawberry)
  • 1/2 pt boiling water
  • handful of frozen berries


(Note: Most jelly sachets require 1 pt of water. For this recipe, I am using HALF the amount of water, so disregard the information on the packaging)

  • Begin by pouring the boiling water over your jelly crystals and stir until dissolved
  • To speed up the process, you can use just enough hot water to dissolve, and top up the rest with cold water to the 1/2 pt mark
  • Leave to cool until almost room temperature, but not set
  • Stir in both pots of Muller Light yoghurt
  • Pour into jelly moulds
  • Refrigerate until set
  • Serve with frozen berries or fruit of your choice

So quick. So easy. And tasty, too!

If you’ve got any diet-friendly ways to use up the other 10 packets of jelly I have left, I’m all ears! Leave me a note in the comments below and share your jelly recipes with me :)




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  1. says

    I love this idea and like you I have LOADS of sugar free jelly in the cupboard – I think it’s the staple ‘on diet, buy sugar free treats’ thing! x

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