Slimming World Sweets: Jelly Chocolates

jelly chocolate sweets

Sometimes, I just want something sweet to eat. Not hungry, not bored – I just want to eat sweet stuff. Do you get that way, too? These sweets are a fun way to kick that sweet craving whilst staying on my Slimming World plan. And because they’re only 2 syns for the whole lot, you can…

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baked apples and mincemeat

Warming Breakfast: Baked Apples and Mincemeat

I do love the Slimming World ‘Extra Easy’ weight loss plan. It’s, er, extra easy! The clever clogs at SW HQ have done all the thinking – so I don’t have to – and so long as I stick to the plan, my weight loss is guaranteed. And I get to enjoy dishes like this for…

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Chinese style pancakes

Chinese-Style Pancake Wraps ‘Fakeaway’

I do love Chinese takeaways. But I’ve decided, I love being slim more. I also believe that diet and weight loss success is all about moderation. So whilst I will indulge in a takeaway once in a while, I’ve been spending time in the kitchen figuring out how to make my favourite dishes HEALTHY and TASTY…

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egg fried rice

Chinese-Style Egg Fried Rice ‘Fakeaway’

Fakeaways are the new takeaway! Before I started my Slimming World journey, I could easily enjoy 2, maybe 3 takeaways a week. It’s no wonder I was piling on the pounds! For me, it was always Chinese. I adored my egg fried rice and crispy duck pancakes. And even those times when I tried to…

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John Lewis Christmas Advert 2014

It’s Real Love! John Lewis Christmas Advert 2014

Aw, I LOVE LOVE LOVE this time of year. You know the countdown to Christmas has truly begun when adverts from your favourite brands begin to air. I mean, who doesn’t look forward to the John Lewis Christmas advert each year? Or the Coca Cola truck arriving on screen?! In a break from my regular…

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Slimming World fakeaway

Chinese-Style Crispy Seaweed ‘Fakeaway’

First, I’ve gotta start with… “you do know crispy seaweed is not actually seaweed, right?” Cool. Because for the longest time, I refused to even try this stuff thinking it was seaweed. And if you’re thinking the same, you are totally missing out! How To Make Crispy Seaweed Ingredients (Serves 2) 1/2 bag of curly kale…

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blueberry sparklers

Red, white & blueberry: Firecracker Sparklers!

It’s Guy Fawkes Night / Bonfire Night / Firework Night tomorrow. Whatever you call it, it’s the wonderfully British celebration (commemoration?) of King James I surviving Guy Fawkes’ gunpowder plot to assassinate the King and bring down the Houses of Parliament – foiled only by his arrest whilst he guarded the explosives. How crazy is that?! As with any celebration, there is…

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50 lb weight loss

Weight Loss Target: Achieved! (50lb Weight Loss + Pictures)

It happened, folks. This week at class, I stepped on the scales and there it was… My 50 lbs weight loss staring right back at me. I HIT MY GOOOOOAAAAL!!! I have no words to express how this feels right now. This is 10 months of focus, determination and motivation. It was worth every doughnut I…

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pumpkin craft

Pumpkin Craft: Sweet free tricks & treats!

We love Halloween in our house, but pretty much every year we have sweets and chocolate OVERLOAD. Either the kids come home with a ton, or I buy way too much and it rains… meaning we get hardly any callers to our house. Regardless, it doesn’t help when you have zero willpower stopping you from eating…

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Birthday lunch: Jenkins and Sons

Did I mention it was my birthday at the weekend? Just a few times, huh Well, since no birthday is complete without a little celebration, the family and I headed down to Jenkins & Sons in Penn Hill for a celebratory Saturday afternoon lunch. Look what was waiting for me on the table when we arrived……

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3.5 stone weight loss

Weekly Weigh In: 3.5 Stone Weight Loss + Pics

I hit another weight loss milestone this week. 3.5 stone (49 lbs) gone. Forever. And… I achieved it on my birthday! How cool is that? Happy birthday to me! Now THAT was a great present to receive Although, not exactly gift-wrapped with a bow and presented to me. I had to work for that weight loss….

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