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Down a Number
these women all weigh the same

My Slimming World Strawberry Trifle Recipe

Slimming World trifle

Just because you are on a weight loss journey, it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t indulge your sweet tooth every once in a while day. In fact, one thing this journey has taught me is that you SHOULD enjoy all the things you love… but in moderation I’m a real dessert girl and love to have ‘something […]

Healthy Breakfast: Easy Overnight Oats

overnight oats

  I’m really fussy when it comes to breakfast. I cannot bear to eat first thing in the morning (I have zero appetite when I wake), but I also know that mum was right. Breakfast is THE most important meal of the day. A good, nutritious breakfast kick starts your metabolism for the day ahead and […]

Weekly Weigh In: I’ve been expecting you…

Down a Number

Oh, hello 10′s… It was so great to see you on Friday night’s weigh-in. I’ve been expecting you! It’s good to know that after a little hard work and a lot of dedication, that you come bearing good news. The fat girl inside me is GOING! Yes folks, we are now officially DOWN ANOTHER NUMBER.  […]

Your Weight Is Just A Number

these women all weigh the same

These women all weigh the same. These women all weigh 70kgs // 11 stone // 154 lbs. In May 2012, Australian Marie Claire published the above picture of six Australian women who all weigh 70 kgs (that’s 11 stone or 154 lbs to you and me). They bravely bare their bodies, showing that ‘average’ comes […]

Weekend Adventures: Bournemouth Food Festival


I love Saturday afternoons. After a busy morning running the kiddos around to their various activities, it’s a chance to kick back and enjoy some family time – and this weekend was no exception. I’d seen a few days earlier in my newsfeed that it was the Bournemouth Food Festival and I knew right away […]

Halfway through 2014: goal check


30/06/14… Happy last day of June! We are HALF WAY through 2014 – isn’t that crazy! Where has the time gone? Earlier today, my dear friend Lynsey sent an email out to her party plan community asking, “How are you doing with your BOLD goals? Are you half way there?” and whilst my BOLD goals are […]

Weekly Weigh In: 2.5 stone (35 lb) weight loss

35 lbs weight loss picture

WOWOWOWOW! I weighed in on Friday night and had a 2 lb weight loss. A 2 lb loss that only bloomin’ well got me my 2.5 stone (35 lbs) weight loss award. HOLY COW! The last couple of weeks have been a little slow. 1/2 lb here, 1/2 lb there. But I perservered. Those 1/2 lbs all added up! […]

Would You Help Me Redesign One Busy WAHM?

One Busy WAHM

Happy Tuesday, friends! I wanted to get your opinion on something I’ve been thinking about for a while: a redesign of One Busy WAHM. Since embarking on a ‘New Me’ mission this year (health, weight loss, dental braces… ), I no longer feel the current blog design is a good fit. It’s kinda neutral and […]