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baked potato shapes

Two nights ago, my 8-year old chose dinner, and mashed potato was on the menu. I am useless at gauging how much mash to cook for our family of 4, and erring on the side of caution, I cooked too much. Not wanting to waste (or eat!) the leftover, I decided to freeze it. With no freezer-proof…

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Chinese-Style Pancake Wraps ‘Fakeaway’

Chinese style pancakes

I do love Chinese takeaways. But I’ve decided, I love being slim more. I also believe that diet and weight loss success is all about moderation. So whilst I will indulge in a takeaway once in a while, I’ve been spending time in the kitchen figuring out how to make my favourite dishes HEALTHY and TASTY…

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Chinese-Style Egg Fried Rice ‘Fakeaway’

egg fried rice

Fakeaways are the new takeaway! Before I started my Slimming World journey, I could easily enjoy 2, maybe 3 takeaways a week. It’s no wonder I was piling on the pounds! For me, it was always Chinese. I adored my egg fried rice and crispy duck pancakes. And even those times when I tried to…

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Hotter shoes

Step out this Spring

With Mother's Day right around the corner, I decided a girly shopping day was in order. A chance for mum and I to spend some wonderful quality time ...

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