Birthday lunch: Jenkins and Sons

Did I mention it was my birthday at the weekend? Just a few times, huh Well, since no birthday is complete without a little celebration, the family and I headed down to Jenkins & Sons in Penn Hill for a celebratory Saturday afternoon lunch. Look what was waiting for me on the table when we arrived……

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3.5 stone weight loss

Weekly Weigh In: 3.5 Stone Weight Loss + Pics

I hit another weight loss milestone this week. 3.5 stone (49 lbs) gone. Forever. And… I achieved it on my birthday! How cool is that? Happy birthday to me! Now THAT was a great present to receive Although, not exactly gift-wrapped with a bow and presented to me. I had to work for that weight loss….

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birthday cupcake

Eat Yourself Slim On Your Birthday

This weekend, I celebrated my birthday. And for the first time in 38 years, I did not have a birthday cake. At least, not in the traditional sense. You see, this year I am 49 lbs down of my 50 lb weight loss goal and quite honestly, I want to reach my goals more than…

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