Out on a Wedge With The Comfy Hotter Hattie

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So, I made a pact with myself a few months ago in which I pledged, from now on, to only buy shoes that are comfy and I can walk in.

Ha! A novel concept, I know!

I probably should have done it sooner,

I’ve been on the hunt for a stylish and comfy pair of nude or pastel wedges to wear with jeans and little dresses this spring. But nothing really took my fancy, until I spotted these.

Hotter shoes

Hattie Wedges From Hotter

As soon as I slipped on a pair and took a few steps around the store, I knew they were comfortable and a good height for me. The wedge measures about 3 inches tall, but because of the little platform they feel much smaller. Which is good, because I’m not the most dainty when I totter around in high heels :)

The colour and detailing give them some cute sass and make them perfect to wear casually with jeans or skinnys, or a little more class with a fun dress.

I’ve worn the Hattie wedges lots since I picked them up a couple of weeks ago. I wanted to really test them out before coming here and telling you about them – and nothing beats the crazy school run and life of a busy mum to truly put them through their paces. They’ve held up really well. So comfy and highly recommended! (That’ll be their secret comfort concept!)

Hotter Hattie

Hattie wedges


With Mother’s Day close by, it was a great way for me to also enjoy some girly shoe-shopping time with mum.

Everyone say, “Hi Angela!” :)

shoe shopping

Photograph courtesy of Louise Jolley

And boy, does my mum LOVE shoe shopping.
Correction *any* shopping!

Here is her impressive shopping haul.
She got two pairs of shoes AND two bags.
Didn’t she do great?!


1. Jewel shoe in ‘white gold’ // 2. Jewel shoe in ‘white’ // 3. Mischa bag in ‘white’ // 4. Marci bag in ‘off white’

^^ Check out those quotes by my mum… she’s such a bad influence to shop with!

(Her shoes may not be my size, but I already have my eye on those bags. Shhhh).

There’s nothing like a new pair of shoes to make you feel like you’ve conquered the world, and these are my newest pair. And I love them! LOVE them!

Hattie shoes

Oh, and because you simply cannot buy new shoes without a new bag, I picked up this little beauty, too :)

If your on the prowl for a new pair of sandals or wedges this spring, Hotter has a great new collection. Stop by sometime and give the Hattie wedges a try.

In the comments below, tell me… has spring sprung in your part of the world yet? Have you packed away your winter boots and purchased new spring footwear? Let’s talk shoes! 

Happy shoe shopping!






*** HUGE thanks to Melanie and the team at Hotter Bournemouth for inviting mum and I along to try out their new range. We love our new shoes, and you will too!

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  1. says

    What fabulous shoes and what a cute mom you have! I came to the conclusion that comfort has to be a priority when it comes to shoes a few years ago.. I only have one pair of feet and I intend to keep on running / dancing for decades! The best? When comfort meets fashion which is clearly the case with Hotter.

  2. says

    They look like the perfect spring shoes Nat! So pretty and fun. I’m on the hunt for boots now because we’re heading into winter and my feet are always cold. I have the world’s largest collection of uncomfortable boots. And boots that don’t zip up over my chunky calves. Attractive!

    • Natalie says

      Chunky calves? You have the longest, leanest legs I’ve ever seen!

      And yes, my wardrobe is like a graveyard for abandoned shoes that are too painful to endure.

  3. says

    Cute! After so many years of wearing high heels that were often uncomfortable, I have started to actually wear shoes that are cute, yet comfortable and easy to walk in, too,

  4. says

    Those shoes are too pretty Nat! I think I love them more than usual because I’ve just packed away my open toed babies for a few months as it has turned freezing here in Aus. The picture of you and your mum is beautiful. I love having moments like that captured – you both look really stoked to be out shopping! x

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