Step out this Spring

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With Mother’s Day right around the corner, I decided a girly shopping day was in order. A chance for mum and I to spend some wonderful quality time together. Time without husbands pulling us in opposite directions, or grandchildren demanding all the attention. Just mum and I.

So very long overdue. I can’t even remember the last time we did this.

First up, shoe shopping…

(Of course!)

Just like me, mum really loves Hotter shoes, so we made it our first stop…

Hotter shoes

Coral: Daytime // Soft violet: Tone

Firstly, we tried every single shoe on in the store.
I think some styles more than once.

Whuuut? It’s the shoe-shopping law, isn’t it?

And my goodness, the sales assistants were fantastic. Never once did they bat an eyelid at our indecisiveness.

After much ooh’ing and aah’ing, mum eventually settled for the coral-coloured ‘Daytime.’ We both agreed, it would go perfect with so many of her outfits.

A gorgeous mix of flat-meets-trainer, the lace-up gave stability, the shoe gave Hotter’s famous comfort and the design was so pretty and perfect for Spring. Mum leads a very active lifestyle (puts me to shame!) and she can often be found dashing from golf course to home to shopping in town! Mum knew right away that this shoe was just perfect for her.

Hotter shoes

Me, me, meeee!

My lifestyle is nowhere near as active as mum’s, but I’m busy nonetheless. After dashing around on the school run, my full-time day job sees me working from home, before heading out to run my Slimming World classes each week. I’m on my feet a LOT and I need to be comfy.

I already knew I wanted to find ‘the perfect flat’, but I hadn’t anticipated so many choices!

Hotter shoes - Spring flats

1. Jewel  //  2. Envy  //  3. Natasha

Fresh navy & white tends to dominate my wardrobe in springtime. Maybe because it’s so clean and crisp… or perhaps it’s the versatility that I like, and the speed in which I can pull an outfit together each morning. Seeing the navy Jewel, I knew instantly that it would work so well for me. I love how so many of my favourite styles come in multiple colour ways!

Hotter shoes

And they fitted like a glove!

I used to hate shoe shopping. I’ve inherited wide feet and finding good fitting shoes is always a nightmare. Hotter is the ONLY store where I can walk in and know that a 5.5W will fit and feel amazing. For my every day style, they are PERFECT!

Together, mum and I had a fabulous day with lots of fun, laughter and giggles. Can’t wait to do it again!

Hotter shoe shopping

Seriously, did you think we’d leave with just a pair of shoes? Ha, 3 pairs and a handbag later… we NEEDED that coffee break!

What are your favourite Spring shoes?

I’m curious to know what our favourites have in common?

My guess is that most women like their fave pair of comfortable sandals, but I don’t know.

Do you have a favourite pair of Spring shoes or sandals?

What makes them great?!

Happy Spring shoe shopping!


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