“Let’s buy a tent!” he said…

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Do you ever have conversations with your other half, where you are maybe focussing on something else at the same time and not entirely paying full attention?

Me too.

Be warned.

Just a few short weeks ago, hubby and I were ‘chatting’ and he mentioned something along the lines of… “Wouldn’t it be great fun to go camping! Why don’t we buy a tent?!”

Now, my hubby knows me very well. He knows I am more of a hotel kinda girl, with a preference for on-site spa facilities and a cheeky penchant for collecting those cute little complimentary toiletries. So, when I nodded in agreement and voiced an “uh huh”… that did NOT mean, “Yes”.

Camping eCard

And then I returned home one afternoon to find THIS:

Outwell Tennessee 6

It barely fits in our back garden. Has no en-suite or room service facility – but I LOVE it!!!

(Sweet Holy Hannah, did I just say that?!)

We are now the proud owners of a Outwell Tennesse 6. We’re gonna go camping!

Now tents have come a long way since my days of camping with the Girl Guides. This little huuuuge beauty has separate bedrooms and lounge room, and even comes carpeted. Now we’re talkin’!

Apparently, Hubby did tell me all this, but I was clearly not paying any attention.

I was a little disappointed that the colour is just so… boring!… but I’m already thinking up ways to accessorise. My 10m string of solar powered white-led fairy lights are already ordered and awaiting dispatch :)

Children's sleeping bags

The kiddies of course, wanted to sleep in it right away. Even though it was only in the garden. First stop – Go Outdoors! 

Lauren picked out a pink (of course!) toddlers sleeping bag that was just the perfect size for her, and Thomas chose a cool commando sleeping bag in junior size.

I just know there is a whole tonne of other camping stuff we need to buy, but the store was just so hot and stuffy, and I was overwhelmed. We’ll save that shopping trip for another day. Baby steps, Natalie. Baby steps.


Now tell me…

Have YOU ever been camping?

Gimme your best tips in the comments below. ALL of them!


~ Natalie


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  1. says

    I haven’t been camping in a while but I love it too! I’d suggest trying to pack as light as possible. Any extras should be about fun and comfort:

    * Some chairs to sit on do you don’t have to relax sitting on the hard ground.

    * Lightweight, simple things for playing — Frisbee, football, an active imagination

    * All the accessories for keeping the tent and yourself dry including plenty of dry socks!

    I’ve been trying to get my husband camping for years. You’ve inspired me!

  2. Natalie says

    Chairs! I hadn’t even thought of those. Ugh. Something else to add to the list!

    Thank you for stopping by and sharing your tips. I appreciate you!

  3. Tracy says

    Hi Natalie…We too bought an Outwell ……the Georgia 7,….we live in the US but the only place we could find one made that well was in the UK….we are planning on camping in it week after next. Camping is not new to us…we have a camping trailer at the beach but it takes 5 hours to get there so we decided to get a tent so we could go places a little closer on weekends…I have not been camping in a tent since I was 14…we too have bought a lot of stuff…here are some things we bought….little string lights (of course)….cooking utensils..plates and bowls(plastic)…electric griddle (the campground has electric and running water) …coffee maker….electric fry pan….led lanterns…battery operated alarm clock…air mattress…sleeping bags…towels..wash cloths…clothes line…insect repellent spray…chairs…dish pans…batteries…first aid kit..outdoor folding kitchen …tablecloth….playing cards…duct tape…matches….solar lights…broom and dust pan…outdoor rug…these are just a few things…but the good thing is that we bought a lot of things that we can wash and reuse so after the initial investment, you will not have many expenses…also, we keep everything packed in plastic tubs with lids so we will always be ready yo go! I will let you know how our adventure goes..and please post how yours goes as well. HAPPY CAMPING!!!!!!!!

    • Natalie says

      Tracy, wow, what a great list – THANK YOU!

      We just got back a few hours ago from our first camping weekend – we had SO much fun! We did forget a few things.. matches, pillows, broom. But nothing we couldn’t manage without! I’ve saved your list for next time. I hoe you enjoy your upcoming trip!


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