I’ve Done What I Said I’d Never Do…

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My entire adult life, I have vowed NEVER to wear a pair of Crocs.

The crayon-box palette of colours and the shapeless ‘design’ of the infamous clog style was enough to put me off. Not even claims of how incredibly comfy they are was enough to convince me.

Until I discovered a love of camping and the Crocs beach line boat shoe! 

Crocs boat shoes

As newcomers to the camping scene, I’ve learned there are a few essentials needed when packing. One being good footwear. Whilst I’m all in favour of packing an entire wardrobe with multiple shoe choices, this is not practical – nor is there space in our car for another darn thing!

When it comes to camping footwear, you will need:

  • shoes you can slip on and off quickly when going in/out of your tent. You don’t want to be making the inside all wet and dirty.
  • shoes that are lightweight and comfy when putting up / taking down the tent, exploring the campsite or making that 2am dash to the bathroom!
  • shoes that are waterproof against damp early-morning grass

It’s so much more convenient if you can find one pair that does it all. And look good. Just because I am camping, it doesn’t mean I want to look like I live in a field :)

Crocs boat shoes

Crocs boat shoes

I know, they don’t even look like Crocs, right?!

Crocs boat shoes

Unlike regular Crocs, these are far more of a fitted style. And yes, they are super-comfy just as everyone always says!

Crocs beach line boat shoes

The pair I chose are in the espresso / stucco colourway, but if you truly are a devoted Crocs fan, you’ll be pleased to know that they are also available in a rainbow of other colours.

Crocs beach line boat shoes


Whilst I don’t think I will be wearing these outside of my camping trips, I am very pleased with them. And at £39.99, they didn’t break the bank either.

What do you think of them?

What do you think of Crocs?

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~ Natalie

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    • Natalie says

      Thank you! I’m now a total convert – although you still won’t ever see me wearing the clogs, lol. You should go try some. I’m sure you will be happily surprised!

    • Natalie says

      I hear ya! The traditional ‘Caymen Crocs’ are not for me, but I am loving the new Crocs range. Have you seen the Crocs new Spring 14 collection? It’s fabulous!

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