Summer Holiday Fun: (More) Camping & Corfe Castle

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With a new school term now just days away (how did that happen?!), we were keen to squeeze in as much as possible into these last few precious days of the summer holiday.

Along with 2 other families, we booked a fun weekend away at Norden Farm Campsite in Dorset – just a 45 minute drive from our home – and it was the perfect end to a perfect summer!

On Saturday, we explored the local country footpaths and took a beautiful walk from the campsite right up to Corfe Castle. Or rather, the remains of Corfe Castle!

Corfe Castle

I’ve driven past this landmark so many times and until now, have never once visited…



Corfe Castle signpost

Dotted along the pathway walk were are these great signposts which the children loved finding and reading.


I always thought Corfe Castle was just a pile of old ruins, and whilst it pretty much is :) it was great fun walking all around and exploring.

On entrance, children are offered a free quiz booklet for which the answers can be found on shields hidden all around the castle, along with brass rubbings to complete. Once finished, they are proudly presented with medals for conquering the Corfe Castle quest!

It was a beautiful clear day and from the top you could see for miles!

View from Corfe Castle

Thomas especially loved the castle. Last term, his Yr. 1 class studied castles and knights and he was so proud to be able to name all the different castle parts: the turrets, the moat, the battlements, the keep and the portcullis. Yep, this 6 yr old sure put me to shame!

We thoroughly enjoyed our stay at Norden Farm campsite, although sadly, I didn’t get chance to take any photos whilst there. Sorry! So, next time you are looking for a great family get-away, think Dorset! And yes, we will be coming back again next year. Photos to follow! See you then?

~ Natalie




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