Our First Camping Trip

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Last weekend, we took the children on our first family camping trip – that was outside of our own back garden.

We camped at Meadow View Camp Site in Horton, Dorset and as soon as we arrived, we knew we had picked a good location. The staff were friendly and welcoming, the pitches were spacious and the facilities were clean and close by. I tell you, I breathed a HUGE sigh of relief!

I was super-impressed with Hubby putting the tent up all by himself…

Outwell Tennessee 6

Of course, the children wanted to go wander and explore, so we took a little walk around the site.

In the adjoining field we discovered these bizarre looking silver caravans. I later learned are called ‘Silver Bullets’.

I think they look more like baked bean tins :)

Wow, don’t they sparkle in the sunshine!

silver bullet caravans

Meadow View also has a small fishing lake surrounded by beautiful plants and flowers. Perfect for a brief afternoon walk…

Meadow View Camp Site

… and Thomas quickly spotted this tractor belonging to a farmer in a neighbouring field.

Thomas and tractor

I am far more of your ‘glamping’ rather than camping kinda girl, so good facilities were essential. Thankfully, we were not disappointed.

In the ladies, there were 2 generous-sized private shower cubicles, toilets, a hair dryer and of course, wash basins. Round the back of the building were sinks for washing dishes. All very clean and tidy. There were a couple of blocks like this and never any queues whilst we were there.

Meadow View facilities

The kiddos wanted some onesie’s for our camping trip, and I’m glad we got them. They were perfect for keeping them warm and snug at night-time and for the early morning dash to the bathroom!

Thomas chose a camouflage onesie and had so much fun playing hide and seek. Can you spot him? :)

camouflage onesie

No camping trip would be complete without s’mores! Delicious toasted marshmallows sandwiched between chocolate crackers. The perfect end to our evenings.

toasting marshmallows

Oh… and we saw our first EVER shooting stars!

3 of them! It was incredible!

So there… we survived our first camping trip. We had such a fantastic time.

And we only forgot our pillows. And matches. And kettle for morning tea.

Do you go camping?

What is on your list of essentials that you must not forget?!

~ Natalie



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