Weekend Adventures: Bournemouth Food Festival

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I love Saturday afternoons. After a busy morning running the kiddos around to their various activities, it’s a chance to kick back and enjoy some family time – and this weekend was no exception. I’d seen a few days earlier in my newsfeed that it was the Bournemouth Food Festival and I knew right away I wanted to go along.


We parked at the top of town and as we walked down the smell hit us.
Bam! Time to kick this willpower up a gear :)

OMG, with everything from roasted pork (can you SEE that crackling?!) to the most incredible fresh seafood paella’s and more…

seafood paella

One guy had the most lovely little herb stall. I had no idea there were so many different types of basil alone. And so fragrant.

I really wanted to stop and ask him some questions and maybe pick some herbs, but he was so busy serving other customers. Shame.

fresh herbs

If the smells didn’t get you, then the sights most definitely would.
It was a total assault on the senses.
Like these pretty little French biscuits. I mean, how could anyone chose?
You’d have to get one of each, right?
Or do what I did.
Keep. On. Walking. :)


Nope. Still not going to be swayed!


In the centre was a demonstration area and I was thrilled to see Andy Chu up the front.

Andy runs Wah Hing’s – Dorset’s largest wholesaler and retailer of oriental foods. I LOVE that store. Every time we have ever visited, Andy has always made himself available to talk, give advice and share insider secrets to creating authentic Chinese cuisine – and, as I always ask – tips on how to make it taste like the takeaway :) (I like it, okay!)

Andy Chu demonstration

One food that I’ve often seen online (Hello, Pinterest!) but never tried, is churros.

Warm, doughnut like strips of fried batter, sprinkled with sugar. And in this case, a side of chocolate dipping sauce.

We got some for the kids to try and of course, I had to check them out. Make sure they were okay and all. They were.

I only had one – and yes, they were great, but I’m not sure all that fat, sugar and cream would do me any favours.


Oh, and nothing says, “Mexico!” like a London red bus, eh?



Mexico bus

We also discovered one of our favourite local shops was at the food festival – The Dorset Smokery.

It was too busy where they were to get any decent photos, but we did enjoy some of their tasters and bought a packet of their own wild boar sausages. I can’t wait to cook them up! I wish now I’d bought a jar of their homemade BBQ sauce – it was amazing. But the jar was huge and I’m the only one who would eat it, so I declined.

We had a great day out AND my willpower held strong.

Did you go to the Bournemouth Food Festival this year?

What did you enjoy?

~ Natalie


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  1. says

    This looks fantastic Natalie – wish I’d known about it sooner! Is it an annual event?
    Well done for resisting all those lovely goodies though – not sure my will power would have stood up against some of the offerings!

    • Natalie says

      I *think* it’s an annual event, although it’s the first time I’ve ever attended. I’ll be looking out for it next year, for sure!

  2. says

    I have always wanted to go to a Food Festival. I have fond memories of Bournemouth as a child and the food festival looks amazing, it may be one we visit next year! x

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