A Browse Around Town

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On Sunday, we decided to head into Bournemouth town for a browse around the shops and to strike the last few remaining gifts off our Christmas list. Instead, we got majorly distracted by the gorgeous German market.

German sausages

The Bratwurst sausage hot dogs and exotic fish tea light holders were lovely, but didn’t help me with my Christmas shopping list…

fish tea light holder

Father Christmas


For some reason, I just couldn’t ‘get in the zone’ for Christmas shopping. I blame the gorgeous sunny weather. Instead, we went for a walk through Bournemouth Gardens and down to the beach. It was beautiful!

Bournemouth balloon


beach train

So, I’m no further down my list of Christmas shopping but we did have a lovely day in town.

How are you doing with your Christmas shopping. Are you done, yet?

~ Natalie

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