I fudged up and it was so NOT worth it

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At the weekend whilst in town with the kiddos, I had a craving.
Of the worst kind.
Burger King.

And since I knew the family would go for it, I suggested we went there for lunch.
Whopper, fries and diet Coke.
What was I thinking?

not worth it

Sure, I could have gotten a salad or skipped the fries or NOT GONE IN THERE!
But no, I had it all.

And before you mock my choice of diet Coke alongside my crappy burger and fries, that was not a health-conscious decision. Honestly, I cannot stand full-fat Coke. It makes my teeth feel icky. Eww.

And the worst part of it was – I did not even enjoy it.
Not one mouthful.

I was expecting to sit down and salivate over a big juicy burger.
It just wasn’t happenin’.
The burger was luke warm.
The lettuce was limp with hard chunks from the core, the tomatoes squishy and over-ripe.
The fries were cold.
I felt disappointed. And weighed down.

Oh, and if you are a fellow Slimming World’er, then let me tell you the damage.
Brace yourselves…
Burger King Whopper (no cheese) = 32.5 syns
King fries (regular) = 11.5 syns
Holy fat suit, Batman!

But, this is good.
I got this stupid craving out of my system, and I won’t be doing that again.
Today is a new day. A clean slate.

Have you done this? Have you ever had an insane craving for something crap… and you think it will be totally awesome… and it’s totally not? That sucks.

~ Natalie

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  1. says

    Aah, yes. KFC. Haven’t done it for ages but sometimes I just need it and it’s never what I hoped for and it always feels pretty awful afterwards. In behaviour change terms it;s called relapse and it’s a normal and necessary part of the cycle :-)

  2. says

    Yep Nat I am sure this is something nearly everyone will identify with. Trouble was in the past once I would throw the baby out with the bathwater and think “well I’ve done it now, I’l just give up”. I am learning that small steps or two steps forward one step backward is better than no steps at all.

    • Natalie says


      I’ve certainly learned that ONE cheat meal is not a cheat day – and definitely not a cheat week.

      I worked so hard to get to where I am, I don’t want to go through all of that ever again. That’s why I kick myself when I do something stupid like this – and it’s not even as nice as I imagined it would be :(

      • says

        Don’t kick yourself Natalie! Think of it like an experience you needed to tick off your list. You’ve done it and you’ve learned you no longer enjoy it so now you can confidently say you’ve changed! You wouldn’t have known that if you hadn’t eaten it. Now you can put the Burger King bit of your brain to rest. And you can say you’re now strong enough to have the occasional slip up and it won’t turn into a downward spiral. See? It was simply a test of how far you’ve come – and you passed with flying colours! xxx

  3. says

    Ah Natalie – we are all human. I’m the same with potato chips (crisps) and now I just don’t go there. I have to admit though I can very smugly say I haven’t eaten McD/KFC or Burger King since 1995. I’d like to say by body is a temple but we all know that’s not true:)

  4. says

    I do this constantly.
    For my son’s first birthday I made 150 sugar cookies with royal icing (150 for about 40 guests. I blame Pinterest). So of course I had DOZENS left over. I ate those bastards non-stop for days. I would walk past the container and grab one even though I never wanted one. I would say out loud to myself “you don’t want it. Don’t eat it” and I would grab it anyway. And then feel like I was going to throw up from the 100% sugar flowing through my veins.
    Part of me was hoping that if I ate until I was sick, I would develop an aversion to sugar. It didn’t happen.
    And now I want cookies. #willpower

  5. says

    Nothing worse than getting something naughty and totally regretting it because it was so disappointing. It feels like you should get a refund on calories for things that just didn’t taste good.
    Every now and then I get a craving for Pad Thai and when I am craving it most is when it is always the most disappointing!!

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