Triumph Magic Bra (plus 7 Steps To Finding Your Perfect Fit)

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You know, there’s a whole lot of stuff you’ve got to buy when you lose weight… new clothes, new PJ’s, new underwear, new handbags and shoes to match.

(I *may* be stretching the truth a teensy bit with the last two, but don’t tell my husband that :) ). 

Until now, I’ve been complacent over bra shopping and making time to get properly fitted – but after losing 4 stone, it was clear my current collection was no longer up to the job.

Triumph Magic Wire Bra

Triumph Magic Wire

When it comes to bra shopping I expect a lot. I totally lucked out when it came to boob allocation (I’ve always been on the small side), but I want my bras to look pretty, give a nice natural shape (a little lift and squeeze is always welcomed), and comfort. Ugh, we’ve all experienced the pokey wire, itchy clasp and slippy straps, right?

Well, as I expected it turns out I was wearing the wrong size bra – but a quick professional fitting and change into the Magic Wire bra got me right back on track.

So what is so special about this bra?

Instead of conventional underwire, the styles from Triumph feature their silicone ‘Magic Wire’ – which won’t dig in or poke out – and promise to keep you perky and uplifted all day long.

The cups combine all the support of a wired push-up with the feel and comfort of a non-wired.

It’s super soft to touch and moulds to your every move – the perfect t-shirt bra.

It moves with your body offering additional support and confidence all day long.

Oh, and the soft and silky padding keeps your nips at bay, even on the coldest of days. What?! Don’t say you don’t think about those things, too! 

Seven Steps To A Perfect Bra Fit

  1. The band around the bra needs to be firm but comfortable
  2. Ensure the back of  the bra is in line with the front of  the bra and is fastened on the loosest hook
  3. The cups should not come too high underneath the arms as this may cause rubbing and discomfort during wear
  4. The whole of the breast should fit neatly into the cup, with no excess flesh behind the cup or over the top of it
  5. Wires and boning must lie flat against the body and go right around the contour of the breast
  6. The centre front of the bra between the breasts should lie flat against the body
  7. Straps must only be adjusted until you feel the breast is supported into its natural position, usually half way between the shoulder and the elbow

New Year, New You?

Lost weight? Gained weight? Or simply stayed the same?

Book yourself in for a measure and fit – and don’t forget to give your underwear drawer an overhaul, too. Your boobs will thank you.

The Triumph Magic Wire bra (£34-£36) is available in black, red, nude, silver and lilac and in cup sizes A-F. Visit to order online. (Sign up for their newsletter and get £5 off your first purchase!)

xoxo Natalie

* I was invited by Triumph for a bra-fitting and provided with a Magic Wire bra for review consideration. All thoughts and opinions are my own. 

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  1. says

    My bra size has changed about six times in ten years and two kids. Finally got a proper fitting done recently but still have slippy straps :-( Maybe I’d better try one of these! Thanks for the tips Ex

    • Natalie says

      Oh slippy straps are not good!

      Perhaps you can take the bra back and explain the fitting is not correct. Maybe they’d change it for you?

  2. says

    I am the opposite and was generously endowed and that was before I had two children. I agree a proper bra fitting is so important to the look and feel of the bra.
    I am just starting a weight loss program here in Oz and having a good workout bra is so important. I love the idea and sound of a silicon underwire for day to day bra wearing.

  3. Natalie says

    Oh goodness yes, a good workout bra is so important! Congrats on starting your weight loss programme – no doubt you too will be new bra shopping in no time!

  4. says

    I used to have boobs, Pretty good boobs. Then I fell pregnant and got great boobs. Then I was breastfeeding and had proper porn star boobs. Even I couldn’t stop staring at them. Then I stopped breastfeeding and lost all trace of any boob that used to exist. I could get away with wearing no bra at all. My poor, sad, non-existent boobs.

    • Natalie says

      Oh Lauren, I hear you! Breastfeeding boobs – they were the best, weren’t they?! Except for the rock-hard, over-filled leaky moments. Them, not quite so pornstar-esque.

    • Natalie says

      Oh Sasha, I’m totally with you on the padding! But it’s amazing how much difference a proper fitting can make on the appearance and shape of your boobs :)

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