Fight Frizz With Anti-Frizz By Yuko At Home

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I have a love / hate relationship with my hair.

I love how my curly hair is better at predicting the weather than the local meteorologist.

I hate how I can go from perfect curls to wild frizz in less than 60 seconds!

frizzy hair

I have a bathroom cabinet bursting with products. Evidence of my ongoing quest to find the ‘holy grail’ of curly hair care.

Lured by the promise (and belief) that each product would tame my unruly tresses. Each since abandoned with 90% remaining.

So when Yuko London invited me to try their Anti-Frizz range, I was a little ‘meh’ at first. Really? What makes Yuko so different? And then I was like, “What if this is THE one?!” “Send it to me!”

“The natural ingredients and proteins found in YUKO’s Anti-Frizz Collection work in synergy to deliver intense nourishment whilst strengthening and infusing the hair with shine. From a shampoo and conditioner to must-have styling products, this collection is rich in apple seed oil, meadowfoam, tsubaki oil, rice bran oil, beeswax, apple amino acids and soy protein.”

Anti-Frizz By Yuko

The first thing that stood out to me was the impressive list of ingredients. Or rather, ‘non-ingredients’.

There are no harsh chemicals in these products.

  • NO Sulphate
  • NO Parabens
  • NO Sodium Chloride
  • NO Petrochemicals
  • NO Preservatives
  • NO Animal Testing

Yuko anti frizz hair products

Anti-Frizz Shampoo

This shampoo is so rich and creamy and my shower filled with the gorgeous fresh apple scent. To ‘restore and refresh’ this shampoo is made with a unique blend of natural plant extracts, leaving my hair beautifully smooth and shiny.

  • Soy protein
  • Apple amino acids
  • Meadowfoam
  • Tsubaki oil

Anti-Frizz Conditioner

I always condition my hair, getting through conditioner at a rate of 2 bottles to every 1 shampoo! Yuko conditioner however is so much thicker than I normally use – more like a rich hand cream consistency, so I was a little cautious on how much to use. With the same delicious fresh apple scent, a 10p sized dollop of conditioner was perfect for my hair. A quick comb through and rinse and I was done!

Yuko anti-frizz conditioner contains beeswax and meadowfoam to revitalise dry hair by replenishing essential nutrients and restoring the hair’s natural, rich shine.

Anti-Frizz Serum

Of all hair care products, serum is the one I struggle with most.

It is so frustrating to spend time styling your hair, only to discover you’ve used a lil too much serum and you finish up looking like a hot, greasy mess.

Curly girls will know (and sympathise!) that our hair is typically very dry on the ends, whilst greasier at the roots.

When using serum, I apply the tiniest amount to the ends before drying, and then finish up defining curls and combatting the frizz once all is dry and you can see what you are left with.


Anti-Frizz By Yuko At Home




PRICE: Shampoo, 250ml (£12.50), Conditioner, 200ml (£12.50 ), Serum, 50ml (£15.00)

AVAILABILITY: You can find Anti-Frizz by Yuko online at 

ONE  BUSY WAHM rating: A +


This summer’s heatwave has played havoc with my hair. After using Yuko Anti-Frizz my hair now looks and feels softer, smoother and more manageable. Less of those crazy whispy, fly-away hairs that I always get around my hairline. My hair is also less prone to humidity. Hurrah!

I love that Yuko didn’t test the products on animals, nor does it contain any animal products. For that, it also gets two paws up from Alice! small dog paws


~ Natalie


Disclaimer: I receive a complimentary set of the products featured for the purpose of a product review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Many thanks to Yuko-London for allowing me to trial these wonderful products.


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  1. says

    I am always looking for products that don’t contain harsh chemicals! My hair isn’t frizzy, but I am heading to look at their other options. Thanks!

    • Natalie says

      Oh I totally get you! I swear I could power the local electricity station with what my hair gives off some days :)

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