Rewarding My Weight Loss With Real Techniques

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make up brushes

I’m a big believer in treating yourself after a job well done. And in treating yourself in general, because a treat is something special and we all like to feel special from time to time.

9 months ago, my treats would have been food-based… a meal out, a fancy cupcake or a bottle of my favourite wine. Nowadays, my treats of choice are more likely to be splurges on my favourite beauty products.

“Honey” says Will. “Do you really need another [INSERT BEAUTY PRODUCT OF CHOICE]?”

‘Yes, yes I do!” :)

Real Techniques Make Up Brushes

make up brushes

Make-up brushes have always been a secret love of mine.

There’s something quite wonderful about opening a new make-up brush and using it for the first time. The smell of clean bristles, their delicious fluffiness and that tickly sensation of sweeping it across your face to see how it feels. Fast forward to a foundation caked make-up brush that desperately needs a wash. Eh, not so good. 

I’ve been eyeing-up the Real Techniques make-up brushes for some time now. Not actually needing them, but oh so wanting them…

make up brushes

Real Techniques Core Collection + Stippling Brush

Weight loss reward! Ha, why didn’t I think of this before :) .

So I treated myself to the Real Techniques Make Up Brushes Core Collection and Stippling Brush. I love them!

These brushes are just a small part of a fabulous collection from famous make-up artists and YouTubers Sam and Nic Chapman, better known as Pixiwoo. They have some brilliant make-up tutorials over on their YouTube channel, you should check them out!

And you know, after losing over 3 stone in weight… it actually feels kinda wonderful to spend time and treat myself on some pampering. I’ve been hiding away for way too long and this girl is ready to sparkle!

So, my friends, talk to me. What products do you like to treat yourself with for a job well done?

xoxo Natalie

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  1. says

    Yay for pampering treats after a massive achievement! I love using a clean make-up brush, though I’ve never heard of Real Techniques. I use brushes acquired over the years, you know when you buy a set to find that one brush is a particular stand out?!

    I’m a bag girl, and most definitely reward myself after a successful writing goal achieved….or I’ll pop into TK Maxx for a non-food treat!

  2. says

    I love treating myself with beauty products too and Real Techniques brushes are fabulous! The buffing brush is still my favourite brush for applying foundation and the blusher brush is perfect for powder & bronzer. I take it everywhere with me to touch up throughout the day. I think it’s amazing what you’ve achieved Natalie & you certainly deserve to sparkle! Great blog post! x


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