Weekly Weigh In: 3.5 Stone Weight Loss + Pics

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I hit another weight loss milestone this week.

3.5 stone (49 lbs) gone. Forever.

3.5 stone weight loss

And… I achieved it on my birthday!

How cool is that? Happy birthday to me!

Now THAT was a great present to receive :) Although, not exactly gift-wrapped with a bow and presented to me.

I had to work for that weight loss. Every pound of it.

But I did get a cool certificate and sticker to add to my collection. And my fellow Slimming World slimmers will know, it’s all about the stickers, baby.

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3.5 stone weight loss

When I started this journey, 3.5 stone weight loss was a dream. I could not even visualise what it would be like to lose that much weight as it had been so long since I’d been there.

Now, 20 years and 2 kids later, I weigh less than when I was 18 years old.

Weight Loss Update

3.5 stone weight lossStarting weight: 13st 8lbs
Current weight: 10st 1lbs
Weight loss so far: 3.5 stone (49 lbs)
Starting clothes size: 18
Current clothes size: 10 (USA 6)  << US sizing is SO much nicer!

Forgive all the numbers!
With an international readership too, I try to include weights and sizes that everyone will ‘get’. (Sorry Australia – kilos would just confuse it even more!)

Slimming World book

My target goal of 50 lbs is now only 1 lb away.

Target is right around the corner.

Holy cow, this is happening’ y’all!

xoxo Natalie

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    • Natalie says

      Thank you, Donna. You are so sweet!

      I have to keep pinching myself to see if I’m dreaming. I’m really doing this. I DID this!

      • Ryan says

        So, my dear, what are you doing to drop the weight. Just simple exercise and diet change or what? And might I had you are SMOKIN’!

    • Natalie says

      Thank you, Claire.

      I feel so much more alive. All that weight… it was weighing me down! Physically and emotionally. Gone for good!

    • Natalie says

      Hi Nancy,

      Thanks for stopping by!

      There are some days where I think I’m not making progress, then I look at the ‘before’ photos and remember just how far I’ve come. Feels amazing!

  1. says

    Wow, well done! I know how hard the weight loss journey is, and you look really fantastic!! I’ve just reached my 6 stone weight loss, and have about 8lbs left to lose to get my target of 10st 7lbs. I’ve been using the My Fitness Pal app, and doing lots of brisk walking. I love following a good weight loss story so glad to have come across your blog through fellow blogging friends of mine Emma Shilton & Donna Wishart xxx

    • Natalie says

      Hi Lucy, oh my goodness, 6 stone weight loss – YOU are amazing!

      Thank you for stopping by with your kind words. I’m thrilled to ‘e-meet’ you!

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