In Search Of The Little Black Dress…

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dress shoppingWho would have thought dress shopping could be so EMOTIONAL… oh boy, there have been tears!

All year, I have dreamt of the moment I get to go dress shopping for the perfect LBD. Almost 4 stone lighter and 5 clothes sizes smaller, I could not wait!

I *thought* I had already found (online) my outfit for our Slimming World group’s Christmas do, but when it was delivered, it wasn’t as nice as I had hoped, and so with Hubby looking after kids, I went shopping on my own.

I must have tried on every dress in every shop in Bournemouth and found NOTHING! Nada. Zero.

At one point, when a sales assistant asked if I wanted any help, it was all I could do not to burst into tears and cry :(

You know that scene in Pretty Woman (my all-time favourite film, ever!) where Vivan sobs to Barney that she has spent an entire day shopping and no-one will serve her… and she comes back to the hotel so upset at having all that money and no dress. THAT is how I felt. I was so upset.

Except, I’m not a Hooker. And this was not Rodeo Drive.
But still…

Vivian - Pretty Woman

I was like, “I’ve lost all this weight and you have no dresses for me?!” It was like having my dream shopping moment stolen from me

My poor Hubby took one look at my sad and tearful face when I got home and insisted we went back out shopping that night. (Yay for late night opening!).

River Island dress

And we found one.
He found it!

They didn’t have my size on the rail so I tried the next size up… it looked small, but was all baggy around the back and waist.

The assistant said they had no more stock, then Hubs only went and found my size on the wrong rail in the store. Whoop!

Fitted. Like. A. Glove!
(Cue more tears!).

At that point I realised, it wasn’t the dress. It wasn’t the size. This dress represented so much more – my entire journey this year.

Getting so upset made me realise just what an emotional journey this weight loss has been.

And I don’t think I will EVER get bored of asking the sales assistant for a smaller size!

Here are some of the dresses / jumpsuits I tried…

dress shopping

And I loved the dress I (Hubs!) finally chose.

It fitted perfectly and I felt AMAZING.

Dress: River Island
Diamante earrings: TU
Body: Models own :) :) :)

Do you have a Christmas party to go to this year? Tell me in the comments below all about the dress you are wearing! 

xoxo Natalie

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    Oh, wow, I can only imagine how you felt after such an incredible year…..I’d have wanted to rail against the Sales Assistant for such shoddy stock, and Bournemouth is pretty good for shopping usually! So glad you have such a resourceful hubby who didn’t mind a spot of late-night shopping :-)

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