A Surprise Birthday Trip To Legoland

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At half-term (was that really 2 weeks ago, already?!) we took a family trip to LEGOLAND as an early birthday surprise for Thomas.

Just when this Lego-mama thought she had seen everything there was to be made out of Lego, I was totally blown away by the awesome creations waiting for you as soon as you step through the gate.

Lego Chima

Lego Chima… check! Lego Ninjago… check! Lego Star Wars… check!

Lego EVERYTHING… check!

Lego pig

… and the attention to detail is incredible.

How cute is this piglet with his head stuck in a bucket?!

Lego zebra

Lego giraffe

I’m not sure if these animals were life-sized, having never stood next to a real giraffe and all… but I’d sure bet they were!

Lego Big Ben

Big Ben

Legoland mini-village - France

French street cafe

Legoland mini-village, fairground


Lego mini village

I *think* this is Little Italy

Lego Buckingham Palace

Buckingham Palace

Lego space rocket


Miniland was incredible. Scenes from all over the UK, Europe and USA captured in miniature Lego form, all with such eye-catching details.

And, get this…. 40 MILLION blocks were used to build Miniland. Oh. Em. Gee!

Make a Lego penny coin

Throughout the park, there were plenty of Lego-themed activities that the children (and adults!) could enjoy, like this Lego penny press.

Such a great souvenir to take home!

Legoland telescopes


Legoland water park

Drench Towers in Duplo Valley looked like so much FUN! That red block at the top there… that fills with water then empties on all those below!

Sadly, visiting in October meant it was about 20 degrees too cold for me to even consider running around wet. Maybe next time?

Legoland Atlantis

Legoland submarine

The Atlantis Submarine Voyage was a huge highlight of the trip. Climbing aboard a yellow submarine we had NO IDEA that we were about to go on an underwater voyage. Seeing real sharks swim past, was a total surprise. It was difficult to know just which way to look. And of course, there was Lego sunken treasure, mermaids and Neptune himself.

Legoland sharks

Lego Neptune

Lego badger

Being nearly Halloween, the Enchanted Garden was superb in all it’s orange-pumpkin glory.

Since there were so many great things to photograph in this one area alone – I wrote a separate post. You can read all about it here!

Lifesize Lego Friends minifigure

Thomas at Legoland

Lifesize Lego Ninjago

Thomas totally loved his birthday surprise and we all had an awesome, awesome day at Legoland.

Oh, and the Lego stores (yes, ‘s’… they are everywhere!) are just amazing. Even I bought a bag of goodies (Lego ice-pop maker, Lego silicone chocolate mould, Wonder Woman mini-figure keyring ;)) to bring home. Woot!

I must have *at least* another 100+ photos I could share, but I think that’s enough for now, at least.

Is your household Lego mad, too? I think we could quite possibly create our own Miniland with the number of blocks I tread on daily!

~ Natalie

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