Brick Or Treat: Halloween Fun At LEGOLAND

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Lego skeleton

If you were ever in any doubt about making the journey (and swallowing the expense) of a trip to LEGOLAND, I’d say “giiirl, jump in that car right now… !”

On Tuesday, we surprised Thomas with an early birthday treat to LEGOLAND – our first time there – and we had so much fun.

Enchanted forest

With it being Halloween, the kiddos especially loved the Enchanted Forest. Heck, they LOVED IT ALL!

I only wish we had taken our Halloween costumes as we would have got even more great photos.

Lego badger

We didn’t see any witches, but they couldn’t have been far. They’d left their laundry out to dry.

The attention to detail was wonderful. A truly magical experience.

witches clothes line

At every turn and in every direction, there was a Lego creation, like this Lego bat.

Is there anything that cannot be made out of Lego?

Lego bat

And… we got to dance with Frankie at the Monster Ball!

He’s a real-life mini-figure, don’t you know!

Frankie Lego mini figure


Ghost at Legoland

We also got to build our very own Lego pumpkins and have them placed in the giant Lego pumpkin patch for all the visitors to see.

brick or treat

Legoland pumpkin patch

Thomas and pumpkins

The Enchanted Forest was just one tiny part of LEGOLAND that we all loved.

I do have a bajillion other photos of the park, but I’ll save those for another day :)

Happy Halloween!


~ Natalie

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