Girly Night Out: TGI Fridays

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It was half-term last week and I finally got to meet up with my dear friend Catherine for a girly night out. That’s not such an easy feat when you’re both work-at-home mum’s with a crazy busy schedule, living nearly an hour apart and have 6 kids between you to escape take care of.  But we did it! We met up for dinner on Wednesday night and we had such a great time.

When we arrived at TGI Friday’s, we were told there was a 20 minute wait for a table so we headed to the bar. Clearly, I don’t get out enough as I can’t even remember the last time we had to jostle to get the barman’s attention. Anyway, we grabbed our drinks and found a seat. We’d barely been sat down 5 minutes when our pager buzzed to say our table was ready.

TFI Fridays menu

We had most definitely left it too long for our catch-up because the poor waitress must have come over 5 times to take our order – we hadn’t even looked yet! But she was very sweet and we just said we would flag her down when we were ready.

The menu looked great, but healthy choices were limited. I kinda resent paying £10 / £12 for a salad, so I said ‘ to heck with it!’ and ordered a burger. I’ve been good all week so it all balances out. I chose the Friday’s Double-Glazed Jack Daniels. I tried to make some healthy concessions, and switched my regular fries to sweet potato fries. I doubt there’s much benefit, but it’s a healthier option. And omg, they taste so good.

TGI Fridays burger

I also noticed a spicy Asian slaw in the extra’s section, and I had some notion of it being uber healthy and bursting with bean sprouts or something. It wasn’t. It was in a sauce, which I wasn’t expecting (maybe I didn’t read that part?!), and it was just ‘meh’. It was okay, but I wouldn’t order it again.

Anyways, I left half of the ciabatta bun and only ate the lean part of bacon. That’s gotta count for something, right?

TGI Fridays Asian slaw

Catherine ordered the French Dip burger. She said it was great!

Caramelized onions, swiss cheese, garlic mayo and a rich beef sauce to pour over (or dip in!)

TGI Fridays French Dip burger

We were both driving so for drinks we stuck with Diet Coke. The waitress was great and kept arranging re-fills, but ugh, I’ve never drank so much diet coke in one day. I had the most painful hiccups ever! I felt like a helium balloon ready to burst.

Nowadays, I rarely ever have a dessert – although, there is something about eating out and wanting just a little something after your meal.

I was hoping to discover a light, or healthy option – but I couldn’t see anything. Instead, we opted to share a Rocky Road sundae.

TGI Fridays dessert menu


TGI Fridays sundae

The restaurant looks empty here… and it was. We spent the entire night laughing and giggling away that almost everyone had left by now.

You know those nights where you could carry on chatting and laughing for hours and hours. And we would have done had the restaurant not been closing :)

~ Natalie

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  1. says

    I love reading posts like this, they’re such nice happy posts and always make me want to get out more and ‘do stuff’.

    I love sweet potato fries, have you ever tried courgette ones too? They’re amazing! As someone who doesn’t drive, I can assure you the cocktails are amazing but can seriously damage your bank balance :p

    • Natalie says

      I have never tried courgette fries – they sound good! We steered clear of the mock-cocktails, I’ll be honest and say that I prefer mine alcoholic :)

  2. says

    tgi’s food is delcious but its pretty pricey, i prefer frankie and benny’s or the filling station. they dont have the fab cocktails though. im in love with sweet poato fries, didnt know they were a ‘healthier’ option!

    • Natalie says

      Hey Lauren, thanks for stopping by.

      I’m having total love affair with sweet potato fries right now!

      When it comes to fried food, there’s not a lot of health benefit, but generally sweet potato fries are slightly better than regular fries since they are typically lower calorie (just), higher fiber, and lower carb.

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