Getting Foxy In Single Digits

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Oh. Em. Gee!!!

If you’ve been following One Busy WAHM, you will know that this year I started a personal weight loss journey to shift 50 lbs. (That’s just over 3.5 stone to you and I).

In January, when I started, I was a Size 18.

I’ve been holding off buying too many new clothes until I reach my target weight, but brrrr, the nights are getting chilly!

So, I just bought a new pair of pyjamas in wait for it….

fox pyjamas

Size 8/10.

Size EIGHT TO TEN, people!


(If you’re one of my lovely US readers *hi there!* this is size 4 – 6 in USA sizing. Aussies, our sizing is the same. I know, confusing, right?! )

fox print pyjama set

And hell yes, I flounced around the shop with that Size 8 tag hanging over my arm so EVERYBODY could see it, YOU BETCHA!

Actually, I don’t think anybody looked, but I don’t care :)

Size 8/10 !!!

The last time I saw a ‘small’ size 8 on a clothes tag must have been erm, age 8 clothes? Seriously, I do not remember (as an adult, 16+) ever being a size 8 or 10. I remember 12’s and all the numbers after that, but not single numbers.

I cannot even begin to tell you how amazing it feels to be buying clothes with a single digit on the size label. Even if they are just pyjamas.

And yes, they are PJ’s and yes, they are probably cut big and supposed to be loose. But OMG!

Do you have a really memorable clothes shopping moment?

It doesn’t have to be size-related. Tell me in the comments below.. I’d love to hear yours! 

xoxo Natalie

PS. I totally paid for these pyjamas out of my own money and I received no compensation whatsoever for sharing this product here. But you know, sometimes a girl is just so happy, she has to share! If you fancy getting foxy at bedtime too, you can get your own fox pyjamas right here <<.

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  1. says

    An 8 – 10! Wow! Well done! I think my thigh was a size 8 – 10 when I was about 15! If I were you I’d makes sure all size 8 – 10 labels are clearly visible every time you wear anything in that size!

  2. says

    Fantabulous news! Definitely support wearing labels on the outside of all your new clothes…have you decided where your shopping spree will be?!

    When I returned to the UK after two years in Chins, I was my smallest size…because lifts only exist if a building has more than 7 floors, and I lived on the 4th floor of a building. Had some great shopping moments in the UK for a year or so…then remembered cake tastes flipping yummy in the UK, as does bread…and chocolate!

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