Weekly Weigh In: 2lbs Off and Club 10 Achieved!

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I guess you already know by the post title that I lost another 2 lbs. this week!
That puts me at a 20 lb weight loss for the year so far.

I also achieved Slimming World’s “Club 10″ which means I’ve lost 10% of my body weight. That’s gotta be like an entire limb or something, right?!

And quite frankly, a weight loss was just the boost I needed – I have had a MAJOR crappy week this week.

Somehow, one night last week I managed to bite into the side of my cheek whilst sleeping. Omg, the mouth ulcers that arose because of this were agony. Now, I have a pretty high tolerance when it comes to pain, but jeez, this was off the scale! Maybe it’s because I now have braces – but the ulcers were mahoosive and I could barely talk or eat for about a week. I was close to tears on several occasions.

On a plus side, it did limit my food intake :)
On a downside, eating the bare minimum each day seems to have put the brakes on my metabolism because given how much I ate, I should have lost at least 3x that amount!

3rd January, 2014: starting weight 13st 8lbs (190 lbs)
21st March, 2014: in-progress weight 12st 2lbs (170 lbs)

Watch out 11st… I’m coming for ya!!!

Slimming World Club 10

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  1. Carla K. says

    Natalie, I have got to say CONGRATULATIONS and you are an Inspiration. YOu are doing what I would like to do (show accountability with others online, not to mention lose some much unwanted weight) yet I am to chicken $hi- to do so. Now if I can get over my love of ice cream, I am there right with you.

    Keep up the GREAT work. You are an INSPIRATION!

    PS… How much is a stone?

  2. Natalie says

    Aw, Carla… thank you so much! That is so lovely to hear!

    A stone is a crazy unit of weight measure we have here in the UK (and Ireland) that basically, confuses the rest of the world :) One stone is equal to 14 lbs.

    I’ve put my weight in just lbs above to try and add some clarity, although I think I’ve just confused matters more, lol.

  3. says

    You are such an inspiration!! I joined Slimming World in February and have combined it with Jillian Michaels’ 30 day shred. I’ve only lost 5 pounds and totally gave up the eating plan :( FAIL! I just found the food so bland! What meal plan do you follow? Kerry xx

    • Natalie says

      Hi Kerry, I just follow the Slimming World Extra Easy plan and LOVE the food choices. As an example, for breakfast, I typically have Weetabix or Slimming World pancakes. At weekends, a SW Full English :) Evenings are often, chilli-con-carne and rice, bolognese, lasagne, homemade cheese burgers, jacket potatoes piled high, salmon… so much to chose from!

      Another thing to consider is starting a sudden weight loss programme can slow down your weight loss results. If it’s not something your body is used to, your muscles get a little shocked and hold onto a ton (I exaggerate) of water as a protection mechanism. It’s not bad, because you are still losing and toning, it just doesn’t show immediately on the scales.

      I would love to share some more fun ways you can enjoy Slimming World… why not hop on over to my Facebook Page and we can chat some more there!

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