Making The Ordinary Extraordinary with Pidy Pastry

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Pidy Gourmet pastry range

Mealtimes are often a challenge around here.

Between hungry hubby, fussy kiddos and myself (who has set a bold goal to lose weight this year), finding something we can all eat and enjoy can sometimes be tricky.

So, when Pidy recently launched their famous pastry and canapes into the retail market, I was delighted at the opportunity to try them out…



Pidy vol au vents

Pidy Vol-au-Vents

Vol-au-vents are renowned as a party food, but these large vol-au-vents are ideal for mealtimes, too.

Served individually to children, they are the perfect size for little tummies, whilst Hubby will happily devour 2 or 3. A great alternative to a dinner time pie!

I made these hot using leftover turkey from the freezer and added a delicious mushroom sauce, and they were good!

Veggie Cups


Pidy beetroot veggie cups

Pidy Veggie Cups: 18kcal / 0.6g fat per cup

Woah, look at that pop of colour! Made with 30% beetroot juice, these mini veggie cups are so vibrant!

I instantly thought of seafood when I saw these. Maybe it’s the pink!

These would be a great choice for bite-sized prawn cocktails  and perfect as appetisers on Valentine’s Day.



Pidy chocolate spoonettes

Pidy Spoonettes: 16kcal / 0.7g fat per spoon

Sweet or savoury? Sweet or savoury? Ugh! So many choices on how to fill these!

And aren’t they just adorable! Who could resist these at a dinner party or buffet table!

Since they are only 16kcal per spoon, I’ve taken the healthier option and filled these with a spoonful of Muller low-fat chocolate dessert and a sprinkle of white chocolate. That way, I can eat more than one and still not feel guilty :)

They’d be great savoury too, I’m thinking guacamole, pate or even cheese and chutneys….

Pidy Gourmet


To find your nearest stockist or discover more about Pidy, check out their website for further details.

And don’t forget – great food needn’t be saved for parties.

Tell me… how would you serve your Pidy pastry?

~ Natalie

Many thanks to food PR agency CLIP Creative and PR for the samples.

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    • Natalie says

      Not at all! They are only 16 calories each and I filled them with a virtually fat-free chocolate mousse. They are amazing!

  1. l kinder says

    wow!!!!! love these!!! the pink ones looks good i would defo put seafood in, i am limited with filling as i am dairy intolerant but your pink ones look fab, i bet theyd be nice with duck and hoisin sauce and cucumber and a little bit of spring onion!!!!!! mmmmmmmmmm

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