Macarons Galore

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Macarons Galore

Macaron flavours from top to bottom: orange & chocolate, pistachio, amaretto, salted caramel, pumpkin.  


It’s no secret that I have a sweet-tooth (I can’t help it!), but this week has been even more treat-filled than usual.

Oh. Em. Gee. Just look at these exquisite, jewel-coloured macarons!

Sent to me by French baker, Benedicte Alix at Macarons Galore these macarons are an incredible treat of silky smooth ganache or buttercream sandwiched between delicate sweet meringue shells.

Be still my beating heart!

Macarons Galore

From the moment I opened the outer parcel box, I just knew these macarons were something special. A treat to be savoured, not devoured.

And already, the scent of macarons was teasing me! A sweet, slightly nutty fragrance wafted from the folds of the crisp white box. All beautifully secured with two layers of ribbon and carefully stickered into place.



Individually handmade by Benedicte, these macarons take sweet treats to a whole ‘nuther level! 

Ordinarily, I would have whipped through that box of macarons in record time, except not today. These were to be savoured. Alone!

A nice latte, 30 minutes of peace and quiet whilst the children are at school and a macaron. Heaven!


PRICE: varies depending on quantity / flavour.

AVAILABILITY: Posted nationwide, you can order Macarons Galore via their FB Page at or their website

ONE  BUSY WAHM rating: A +


Macarons Galore


Until now, I had never thought about macarons as a gift. But these would be just perfect for a friend, a teacher or a loved one.

… or yourself! Because you TOTALLY deserve these too!


~ Natalie

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Disclaimer: I receive a complimentary package of macarons for the purpose of a product review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Many thanks to Macarons Galore for allowing me to taste-test these amazing creations!

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    • Natalie says

      Stale? Oh that just sucks! Keep an eye open at Macarons Galore – they are starting an express international delivery very soon!

  1. says

    Okay…you talked me into it. I may need to order these…for myself! How pretty they are! Definitely would be the perfect Valentine’s Day treat! :)


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