Move Over Apple. It’s Time To Graze On Another Desktop Snack.

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Graze box

Working from home has become a health hazard. Have you seen just how close the kitchen is to my office? Seriously, there is like a bajillion calories waiting to be consumed just a few footsteps away. And since my idea of a healthy snack is sliced fruit with a dollop of Nutella, my waistline is none too thankful.

Thankfully, the good folks over at Graze have healthy snacks all wrapped up. Literally.

Four little packs of delicious nibbles conveniently delivered to your work or home for guilt-free snacking! How cool is that?!

Graze Honeycomb Crunch

Milk chocolate honeycomb, almonds and raisins.


Graze sticky chocolate pudding

Belgian milk chocolate with green and jumbo raisins


Graze Marvellous Macaroon

White chocolate, amaretti drops, almond slices and coconut.


Graze white choc raspberry cheesecake

White chocolate, rasperry, cranberries and hazlenuts.


I chose the chocolate box, but there are so many choices and variations!

The four individual packs are perfect for sharing – but I don’t :) Although, their handy size and individual wrap does make them perfect for snacks on the go. In the car… in my handbag… and for those mini-meltdown moments when you just need something for the kiddies in a hurry!


Get Your FREE Graze Box!


Would you like a Graze box all of your own to try? For free?

Claim your FREE Graze box today and choose from hundreds of yummy snack options!

What box did you choose? Come back and tell me in the comments below! 

Nom, nom, nom…

~ Natalie



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