52-Week Money Saving Challenge {Free Printable}

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52 week money saving challenge

|  52-Week Money Saving Challenge

How would you like to finish this new year £1,378 better off than when you started?

Join our fun 52-Week Savings Challenge and by putting away just a little amount into a savings pot each week, you will have £1,378 at the end of the year!

52-Week Money Saving Challenge

How it works?

Print off the free savings challenge printable below, and stick it somewhere you will see it often. (I’m keeping mine on the fridge door.)

Set aside the featured amount each week. Eg. Week 1 = £1, Week 2 = £2.

52 week money saving challenge

The amount increases by just £1 each week right up until Week 52 when you will have amassed a whopping £1,378!!!

52 weeks to save £1,378… You can do it!

Who do you know that would love to join the 52-Week Savings Challenge with you? Please feel welcome to share this page with family and friends on Facebook or your favourite social media network. You’ll find some easy links to share below!

~ Natalie

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    • Natalie says

      Yes! Every week achieved is a financial bonus!

      Sorry to hear your finances got cut in half – I hope 2014 is prosperous for you!

  1. says

    I love love love how my friends on both side of the pond are doing this! I get excited because my hubby is British and I love to share the blogs written by Brits, with him!

    We’re doing this as a family, and my 8 year old is doing it as well, with a wee bit of modification.

    • Natalie says

      Oh wow – where abouts is he from?

      I created this UK version of the 52 week savings challenge because all the options I could ever find were for the US. I love how you are doing this as a whole family!

  2. says

    We are savers by nature, but I think it’s a great challenge for those that have a bit more saving rather than spending. Not sure how your coins work in Britain (pence?), but here in the U.S. it would be a neat challenge for kids to do in cents to teach them to save too!

  3. says

    Did it, loved it, doing it again! I even doubled up sometimes. Although I swapped the numbers around a bit so the higher ones weren’t all at the end, lol.

  4. says

    I just saw this last night online and am definitely doing this. I have some well a lot of medical bills I need to get paid off from my husband’s back surgery, so I have to start saving. I think the end weeks would be a challenge but that’s why I’m going to save more in the early weeks:)

  5. says

    I wish I could stick with something like this. Working from home there are weeks when I don’t see a dime. My husband does all the saving in our home. I don’t have any worries as he is right on top of everything. I would have to tweak this and make it a monthly savings plan, that would work better for me.

  6. Alfina says

    Does anyone know if there is a kid version of this? It would be great for the kids to start saving too. Maybe start from 10p or something?

    Thank you

    • Jade bunker says

      Just start with 10p instead of £1. Then the second week 20p, 3rd week 30p: final week would be £5.20 and the little one will have saved £138! I’m going to do it for my 5 year old x

  7. says

    This is a truly fantastic idea. We are inching closer to paying off my student debt and our wedding and having this money at the end of the year to either clear the balance left or splurge on something fun is brilliant. Thanks for sharing such a simple but brilliant idea 😀

      • Norma says

        Thanks, very much, for this; my niece introduced it to me at the start of the year, I use a reminder on my phone to help me and love the idea that I am working to a goal that I might actually achieve this year!

        Do you have a copy that I can edit myself so that I can type in my payment dates myself?


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