Baby, You’re A Firework

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Did you go to any cool firework displays in your area?

We have a couple of fairly large shows locally – I really want to go one year and try my hand at firework photography, but I’ll probably get some crazy looks rockin’ up with my tripod and all that :)

Maybe that’s just as well, because I decided to have a try at home in our garden, and wow, it’s a whole lot harder than it looks.

ground fireworks

I don’t mean to state the obvious, but fireworks don’t exactly stay still to allow you to line up the shot. Nor do they come back for re-takes.

I felt like one of those machine-gun operators you see in the movies, pivoting from side-to-side trying to ‘hit my target’.

I was relieved when we had some ground-level fireworks. The sparklers were the most fun – here you can see Thomas writing his name.

Thomas with sparkler

15 sec
ISO 100

For this next shot, we had Thomas stand still whilst I ran around him with a sparkler for 30 seconds. He appears cocooned in a golden blaze!

Sparkler around person

He’s such a fidgeter, we had him put his hands in his pocket. The only way to keep him still!

Catherine Wheels are cool, too. They are nailed to the fence so I get chance to line up…

Catherine wheel

… and Lauren doing her own thang. No change there.

Lauren with sparkler

I really liked the whole long-exposure effect with sparklers. I’d like to give that a try again, sometime. Ooh, maybe down the beach in early evening, making hearts!

I hope you had a great 5th November?

We didn’t stay out too long – it was way to cold and windy for me. Maybe we’ll try some more at New Year. You?

~ Natalie


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  1. says

    amazing sparkler pics! we went to a display but I do fancy some in the back garden, im just a bit scared what if it goes wrong! im sure it wouldnt though, but natural worrier!
    love fireworks though, they are so beautiful

    • Natalie says

      Thank you, Anna!

      I know what you mean – I’m such a worrier too, that’s why I put Hubby in charge of the fireworks! It was great fun trying out some new photography though – I’m thrilled with the sparkler effects!

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