Weekly Weigh In: One fat pound at a time

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1 lb weight loss

Time for another weekly weight loss weigh in…

Actually I weighed in on Friday night (as usual) but life has been so busy, I’ve just not got around to updating here on the blog. Sorry!

A 1 lb weight loss this week
– still moving in the right direction!

I used to get disheartened at ‘just a pound’
Until, one day I saw some ‘fake fat’ that my Slimming World consultant had on her display.

1lb of fat

1lb is a LOT of fat to lose.
I’ll take that loss any time!

Weight Loss Update

Starting weight: 13 st 8 lbs
Current weight: 10 st 11 lbs
Weight loss so far: 2 stone 11 lbs (39 lbs)


How did you get on this week?

Any achievements (weight loss or otherwise!) to share? Tell me in the blog comments below!



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