Weekly Weigh-In: My 1st Ever Gain

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When I started blogging about my weight loss journey, I promised to do so openly and honestly. And that includes sharing when things don’t quite go to plan.

This week, I had a weight GAIN.

Yep, despite having a wee beforehand (sorry, tmi) wearing my regular weigh-in clothes, removing sunglasses and mobile phone and stepping tentatively on the scales – the numbers told the truth. (Whaaat – you don’t do the same things before weighing in? It’s a weekly ritual! :) )

I had gain. A stinking 1/2 lb gain.

What I found hardest about this gain, was that I was not expecting it. If I’d had a reckless week, or even a night out, I would have understood – and accepted it.

Clearly, the scales were wrong.
Actually, er, no, they’re always right. Too flipping’ right some weeks.

So, I grabbed my book and headed back to the car to sulk.

On the way, I stopped in the sunshine to phone Hubby and let him know I was going to be heading home early, but before I could finish telling him, I realised I needed to stay. I needed to understand WHY I had gained weight. So, I turned around and went back in.

Even though I was certain I’d been good all week, my Consultant gave me a ‘Daily SAS Log’ to take home and complete. And I will – because I trust her 100% when it comes to my weight loss. After all, what better way is there to learn than from someone who has walked these very same steps before you?

Weight Loss Update

Starting weight: 13st 8lbs
Current weight: 11st 3lbs
Weight loss so far: 33lbs
Starting clothes size: 18
Current clothes size: 12/14 (USA 8/10)

This 1/2lb gain.. it’s just a bump in the road.

Oh, and it was totally worth me going back to class. Not only did I come out all motivated (and not miserable at my weight gain), but, I also won the weekly raffle. All the ingredients to make a delicious and healthy dish. Woo Hoo! Watch out for a tasty new quinoa recipe coming up on the blog real soon!

Anyway, I hope your Monday is off to a great start, and I raise my cup o’(sugar-free) coffee to you. Keep fighting the powers that be!

~ Natalie


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    • Natalie says

      Hi Donna *waves*

      I’m not sure if I’m more annoyed by the 0.5lb – or the fact, I lost it once and now have to lose it again :)

  1. says

    Hi Natalie, you’ve gone from a size 18 to a size 12. Fantastic! I hope you’re feeling great about that! Ignore this tiny gain, it’ll go.

  2. Rachel Trott says

    Hey Natalie,
    Like the others have been saying its only .5lb just remember that is probably just water retention, if u haven’t drunk enough water you can gain, as long as you have come out of there more determined at least you are still going in the right direction.
    Keep going strong you are doing fabulously (if that is such a word lol)
    Love Rachel xxx

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