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Slimmer of the Week

The hard work paid off!

Another 3.5lbs off this week bringing my weight loss this year to 17.5lbs so far :)

I also achieved “Slimmer of the Week” bagging me a fabulous huge bowl of fruit to bring home. And just look at that gorgeous mango – I can’t wait to get stuck in!

And those veggies? My ticket was pulled for the weekly¬†raffle draw and I won all the ingredients to make a “Herby bean and potato stew” from the Slimming World recipes online. It sounds tasty, so look out for my culinary attempts coming up soon.

All in all, a pretty fabulous night, don’t you think?!

~ Natalie

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    I’m not familiar with the slimming world diet but having a support system seems like a great idea and is obviously working for you. Plus, what a great prize!

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