Trying out the new Graze ‘Good To Go’ range

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Graze snack boxes

^^^ Mini shopping basket, not HUGE snacks :)

Finding convenient, tasty snacks that are good to ‘grab and go’ can be difficult.

I like to keep snacks around me at all times… in my bag, in my car, in my desk drawer. I’m a grazer and could nibble away all day plus have two young kids that seemingly want constant feeding.

I’ve been a fan of Graze for years, having had their mail delivery service on many, many occasions. So when they announced a new in-store range, I confess, I was more than a little excited.

Graze Good To Go

Graze snack boxes

Graze’s new Good To Go range are perfectly portioned snacks in handy little package that are ideal when on-the-run. With tempting taste combinations and everything from sweet to savoury and spicy, the hardest part is deciding WHICH one to try?

They are (were!) all so delicious. My favourites being:

– Thai Sweet Chilli Dippers. Mini baked soy ‘crackers’ with a sweet chilli sauce and only 83 calories

– Chocolate Pretzel Dippers. I mean, who can resist little salted pretzels with a creamy chocolate sauce?!

Now, as someone who follows the Slimming World plan I was keen to find out how many syns are in these Graze packs as I’d love to keep a few of these on hand for those snack time emergencies! And the good news is, they all fall within the recommended 5 to 15 syns per day – however, some are clearly way higher than others! I’ve listed the syn values for the Graze packs below so you too can make wise choices next time you are in the supermarket!

How many Syns are in Graze Good To Go snack packs?

  • Graze Thai Sweet Chilli Dippers – 4 syns
  • Graze Herby  Bread Basket – 4.5 syns
  • Graze Juicy Peach & Raspberry – 5 syns
  • Graze Mini Strawberry & Banana – 6
  • Graze Veggie Protein Power – 6.5 syns
  • Graze Smoke House BBQ Crunch – 6.5 syns
  • Graze Chocolate Pretzel Dippers – 7 syns
  • Graze Dark Chocolate Cherry Tart – 9 syns
  • Graze Punchy Protein Nuts – 10.5 syns
  • Graze Original Fruity Flapjack – 11 syns
  • Graze Salted Fudge & Peanut Cookie – 11 syns
  • Graze Lemon Drizzle Flapjack – 12 syns

Graze snack boxes

Which ones would you like to try?


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  1. says

    I saw these in a shop recently and thought they looked great to snack on, super tasty but quite expensive. It looks like they’re not that healthy either…! Still, I’d love them every so often x

  2. Emma F says

    I found you through Sugar Pink Food, but it looks like you may have stopped blogging. I really hope you do come back as I have had a great time reading your articles, and find your words indpiring. Fingers crossed!

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