The 10 lb Weight Loss Challenge Is Over! How Did You Do?

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obw 10lb challenge

Woah, where did April go?

I know I’m a little late in wrapping up the #obw10lbchallenge, but we took the bank holiday weekend off to go camping with the kids and ugh, it’s taken me a few days to get back on track. Not to mention how tired I have been. Seriously, how can fresh air leave you SO tired. I’m yawning here right now just thinking about it.

This 10 lb challenge has been a blast! Did you join in?

10 lb challenge

I’ve been posting regular(ish) status updates on Instagram, and it’s been so fun seeing you following along too! (Whaaaat! You’re not following? Oh you should… we have so much fun over there!)

#obw10lbchallenge on Instagram

This month, I made a real conscious effort to move more.

Walking the dog, weekend family walks, going swimming, camping… I even purchased new trainers and gym gear, although, they didn’t have everything in my size so a few items were on order. But woah, exercise + fresh air makes you so hungry! I need to plan for that and make sure I don’t come straight home and hit the cookie jar!

I have remained good at food and meal planning. It makes so much difference when I take the time to get organised, and simple things like overcooking in the evening, to ensure I have a quick and easy healthy lunch the next day. It really is the little things that make all the difference.

#obw10lbchallenge results

Overall, in the 10 lb challenge I lost 6 lbs.

Am I disappointed? Heck, no, I’m thrilled!

I lost the 6 lbs that had crept back on over the past couple of months and I am now happily back at my target weight. I aimed for 10 and got 6. If I’d muddled along with no focus or goal, I’d probably be the same – or even gained.

How have YOU been doing? How was your month? Leave a comment and share your #obw10lbchallenge results!  


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  1. Tracey says

    Hey, well done you. I’ve been at target for a year now but still follow the sw diet religiously, the odd treat here and there. But I’m a bridesmaid in November and desperately want to loose another stone. I need help to get motivated and worried that the diet isn’t working thins time round as I’ve been following it for so long. I excercise every day and need inspiration. Xx

    • says

      Hey Tracey! Congrats on being a Target member for a year – that is awesome!

      Sometimes our body’s get stuck in a rut and need a little kick start. Have you tried the EESP plan for a few days / a week to see if that gives the ol’ metabolism a reboot?

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