Step Away From The Cookie Crumbs

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cookie crumbs

This is how my daughter eats a Wagon Wheel.

She nibbles all the chocolate, marshmallow and jam off the top (aka THE GOOD STUFF) – then abandons it.

It’s criminal, I know.

But she has this thing where she never, ever finishes an entire plate of food. Ever. Even when it’s just a cookie or a snack.

I try very hard not to sound like my mother and say, “You cannot leave the table until your plate is clean” as that’s just not good and is kinda what got me in this pickle in the first place.

I also know that if *I* continued to snack on all her leftovers, I probably wouldn’t need to sit down to a meal.

And when you look back at what you’ve eaten in a day, you totally forget all the ‘extras’ like these. Those forgotten calories all add up!

*Sigh* In the bin it goes.

That would have been nice with a cup of tea.

(Note to self: your future skinny self will thank you).

~ Natalie


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  1. says

    Your daughter is set for life with that kind of willpower ????

    Well done on not scoffing leftovers – my toddler-daughter dips fish fingers in water and wolfs all chocolate before I can get to it, so I’m pretty fortunate!

  2. says

    That would be hard to toss! Good for you for letting it go, I probably wouldn’t even have blinked before it hit my mouth. That would be why you’re losing weight and looking great and I’m not!

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