Staying On Track: Pizza Hut 500 Calorie Pizza!

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healthy pizza

Today, the kiddos, Hubby and I spent the day together running around town in search of supplies for something exciting we have coming up shortly :). Despite the typical wet Bank Holiday weekend weather, it was great to spend this time as a family and the kids were on their best behaviour. Although, it wasn’t long before the ‘we’re hungry…’ cries were heard. Seriously, you’d think I never feed them.

As a treat, we agreed to take them to Pizza Hut for lunch – all the while I was secretly panicking inside about what *I* would find to eat and whether my willpower would hold out.

Now, I have no issues over treat meals. I’m all for them! But, I have this crazy little conversation in my head with myself (hold fire on the straight jackets!) about whether I truly want [whatever it is]. I work so bloody hard at keeping on track, I would be so disappointed if I was to unravel it all for the sake of a moment of weakness. But I needn’t of worried. OMG, who knew that Pizza Hut had a new low-calorie pizza section?!?!

500 calorie pizza

I ordered the Chicken Delight 500 calorie pizza. It was by far the best healthy-option pizza I have EVER¬†eaten. It was cooked to perfection…

It was like a really, really thin pizza base. Almost tortilla wrap thin. Topped with chicken, red onions, mushrooms and cheese.

Healthy option

The chicken was really moist and tender and not at all dry like often happens. The mushrooms were lightly cooked and the red onion still had some tang. It was good! Admittedly, it wasn’t like an entire pan of pizza, more like a big triangle slice, but hey – it was lunchtime. I’d never normally eat this much midday and most likely I’d survive until my next meal :)

low calorie pizza

It was served with a small side of rocket and sliced cherry tomatoes which was nice, as the salad bar only had regular lettuce. I like the pepperiness of rocket. But I still managed an entire bowl from the salad bar, plus a re-fill. I stuck with diet coke, too. (Don’t you just love when they do free refills).

And since this was a healthier option, I didn’t feel guilty when I ‘tested’ some of the kiddos ice-cream factory. Hey, I’m a good mum, okay – just checkin’ it was all okay for them!

~ Natalie



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  1. says

    That looks like a really tasty pizza. I tried the Pizza Express version once, but it didn’t really have much in the way of toppings and I still felt hungry afterwards… Not good!

    • Natalie says

      Four months ago, I would have ordered whatever I fancied. But knowing how quickly weight goes on and how slowly it comes off was enough of a deterrent for me. This healthy (er) pizza option was fantastic – and perfect for lunch time.

  2. says

    I hate the idea of low calorie pizzas because all the ones I’ve seen have most of the middle cut out and a pile of rabbit food shoved in it. Not great… But that pizza looks amazing! I would actually order that, and eat plenty of salad from the salad bar. Thanks for sharing! x

    • Natalie says

      I know, right! Some ‘low calorie’ pizzas are only that because there’s only half of it. This had all the taste and I didn’t feel like I was missing out at all. I’m going to try the shrimp one next time!

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