Slimming World Woman of the Year!

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When I started this weight loss journey, there was so many things I could not / did not foresee.

I couldn’t picture myself 3 stone (so far) lighter.
I couldn’t imagine the feeling of shopping for size 10 clothes. That fit.
I did not appreciate how amazing it feels to lose the weight you’ve always wanted to.
I never believed such a total mind shift was possible.
I did not expect to make so many wonderful friends along the way

… and sweet Holy Hannah, I never EVER even thought Woman of the Year was an option.

Woman of the Year!

With ENORMOUS thanks to my fellow members, I have been voted Slimming World Woman of the Year (for my group).

I can’t even begin to explain how that feels.

A little bit giddy, tearful, emotional, happy, proud, excited, honoured <<< and so much more!

Woman of the Year

In fact, the voting was a tie so I got to share this incredible honour with the truly lovely, “S” who herself has been an inspiration to so many.

Pardon me whilst I do a little happy dance right now :)

xoxo Natalie



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