Getting Our Skate On: The Skate Hut ‘Burp!’ Skateboard

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Just as I’ve become a master at sneaking extra veggies into my children’s meal times, I’ve also learned to sneak extra exercise into all of our daily routines.

After school race to the car, anyone? ūüėÄ

You see, I believe that leading¬†a healthy lifestyle needn’t be a bore or a chore and when something tastes good or is full of fun – you¬†enjoy it and stick with it.

learning to skate board

My 7 year old has recently discovered Minecraft on the iPad. Somedays it’s all I can do to peel his fingers off the device. (I *may* also have unplugged the WiFi ¬†on more than one occasion…)¬†So, it’s time to get a little creative if I want to get him¬†up ‘n’ moving AND hold his interest in something¬†that doesn’t¬†require a screen.

skate boarding

The Monster Burp! skateboard from The Skate Hut was just the trick. Oh and that name? He totally found that funny. Cue lots boy-burps in the process!

And skateboarding… that’s what all the cool, older boys do, right?

skate boarding

Lemme tell you, skateboarding is NOT as easy as it appears.

Ha, yes, I did have a try!

Even with one foot on and the board and the other skooshing along the ground, it takes balance and co-ordination. A skill, I *thought* I had. It’s tricky, I tell you!

Monster burp skate board

And Thomas found it tricky too. After a few cries of, “I can’t do it!” – followed by¬†my “You can do this!”¬†Thomas began to pick it up. Really well. Too well. He put this mamma to shame!

And if you’ve ever taught a child to ride a bike without stabilisers, you will remember that smile on their face as they realise they are doing it all by themselves without you holding on.

We got that, too :)

skate board wheel

Oh and skateboards! So much easier to chuck in the boot of the car Рunlike the two scooters (with handlebars) that I wrestle with and carry haphazardly back from the school gates each morning.

Yep, sneaking in some more exercise there, too.

skate board base

The Monster Burp! skateboard from The Skate Hut, £19.95


At just £19.95 this would be an awesome Christmas gift.

Can you imagine a child finding this poking out of their stocking this Christmas. So much FUN!

Visit The Skate Hut and check out the Burp! skateboard and other exciting gift ideas, too.

xoxo Natalie


PS. Oh my goodness, I just discovered they sell pogo sticks as well.

PPS. And powerisers!

For the children, Natalie. For the children ūüėÄ


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