Real Christmas Reindeer

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real reindeer

I love the run-up and preparation to Christmas almost more than the day itself.

After school on Monday, we took Thomas and Lauren to see Father Christmas in his winter wonderland at Stewarts Garden Centre. Such a fun experience! Afterwards, we got to meet two of his REAL reindeer, Snowy and Dancer. (The others were busy with Christmas preparations :) )

Yep, 2 of his real-life reindeer who will actually guide his sleigh on Christmas Eve. It’s true.

reindeer eye

As a young child, I thought Christmas was magical. Thirty *cough* something years later, I can say that Christmas now is the most magical it has ever been.

Watching the excitement and anticipation of my 3-year-old and 7-year-old in the run-up to Christmas just melts my heart. And for the kiddos to meet Father Christmas AND two of his real reindeer was just, “Wow!”

reindeer face

They were the most magnificent creatures, so beautiful. And those eyes! They didn’t seem at all bothered by us ooh’ing and aah’ing, nor my countless (unsuccessful) attempts to photograph them through their fencing enclosure. We could have stood watching them for hours.


But, Snowy – giiiirl, you’re going to need a pedi before hitting the town on Christmas Eve, my love! 

reindeer feet

Have you been to see Father Christmas yet this year?

What special Christmas gift did YOU ask for?

~ Natalie

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