Radical Reward Charts

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Good behaviour rewarded, is repeated.

They tell you that over and over again in toddler and parenting magazines. I know. I get it. But sometimes, in the crazy busy whirlwind that is life, it is so easy to get caught in the hustle and bustle and focus on the not-so-good things.

  • Why aren’t you dressed yet?
  • Why haven’t you brushed your teeth yet?
  • Stop annoying your brother!
  • Eat your dinner nicely!

I’m a stickler for good behaviour in this household, often with an expectation that they should do all those things above without prompting. Sometimes, I’m forgetful of their young years and all the times they do them well.

We all like to feel appreciated and recognised, even more so at age 3 and 6, so when Radical Reward Charts contacted me recently with an invitation to try out their charts, I was delighted to give them a go!

Radical Reward Charts

With Thomas and Lauren by my side, we sat down at the computer and browsed their website. I let the children choose which chart they wanted – and I’m glad we did. They chose designs totally different to what *I* would have picked!

Here’s what they chose… 

Radical Reward Charts

As you can see, Radical Reward Charts are different to regular reward charts. There’s not a smiley sticker to be seen, nor check-box to be filled. The beautiful artwork engages their inquisitive minds and has a design they will not outgrow for years to come. They also come with a fun, personalised photo / marker of your child making them really feel that this chart is theirs.


All our Radical Reward Charts have a 20 step progress route. We have found that 20 steps offers the best timeframe for receiving their reward, in a stuctured way, without having to dish out rewards too often or too infrequently. Younger children can be given a ‘half way’ marker reward when they reach the number 10!

Radical Reward Charts are different from other charts on the market. They have been artist designed to appeal to young people, they offer visual progress by rising ‘up’ the chart, rather than using the traditional tabular format where 10 stickers may be given for putting away clothes, or 10 stickers for eating all their dinner etc


With our new reward charts, Thomas and Lauren are so keen to impress :) They actively look for good deeds they can do and rush back to tell me.

Before bedtime, we talk about any good things they have done that I may have missed, and on those days that haven’t been so good – what they can also do to reach a little higher.


Reward Chart Success


We’re zooming up the chart at a super-speedy rate and I am loving the behavioural results – for the children AND myself. They have quickly learned that their actions have a direct relation to their chart success, whilst I am learning to recognise and reward the small things more often than I did before.

Reaching the heady-heights of #20 is not without reward. The promise of a new Lego mini-figure or sparkly bracelet is far more alluring than I ever could have imagined.


Radical Reward Charts


PRICE: £14.00 per chart, incl. P&P and a customised  mini-figure marker of your child. It’s a little on the expensive-side, but I keep reminding myself it’s reusable and is working!

AVAILABILITY: You can buy Radical Reward Charts online at www.radicalrewardcharts.com or via their Amazon shop, also. 

ONE  BUSY WAHM rating: B+ (If the charts were a little more affordable, this would totally be an ‘A’ :) )


~ Natalie


Disclaimer: I receive 2 complimentary reward charts for the purpose of a product review. All thoughts and opinions are 100% my own. Many thanks to Radical Reward Charts for reaching out to me to share with my readers!


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