Nootie Sweet Pea & Vanilla Pet Shampoo: Alice Gets The Spa Treatment

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Everything has been a little harder than usual since the other day. 

I thought I was doing well. Fighting back my own tears and answering all of the children’s questions, but I wasn’t prepared for how Alice was to react. Alice has found it particularly difficult. She has lost her soul mate :(

So, yesterday, I decided to give her a little pampering…

I popped down to my local Pets At Home store and bought the fanciest bottle of shampoo I could find. I chose Nootie pet shampoo in sweet pea & vanilla.

Nootie pet dog shampoo

After all, what girl doesn’t love a little pampering?

Alice in towel

Nootie Pet Shampoo

As I browsed the selection on the shelf, I was looking for a product that was gentle and nourishing. At nearly 13 years of age, Alice’s coat has gotten a little dry and I didn’t want anything that could irritate her ears, eyes or skin. Nootie stood out to me.

  • Made with natural ingredients
  • Soap free
  • Paraben free
  • No sulfates or harsh chemicals
  • Safe to use along with topical flea & tick products
  • Not tested on animals

Softness, shine and squeaky clean: Check!

It’s been a few weeks since Alice was last bathed, and since she was really enjoying the massage I gave her, I shampooed her twice. Because the shampoo formulation contains no sulfates, you don’t get a mass of bubbles blocking the plug hole. But don’t let the lack of bubbles fool you into thinking it doesn’t clean. It totally does. I used a generous (not wasteful) amount of shampoo and her coat was squeaky clean!

A clean, fresh scent that you just want to snuggle into

Beyond the beautiful softness and shine, I love the fragrance of this shampoo. The sweet pea and vanilla combined with jojoba oil smells gorgeous! The scent is really light and fresh – clean smelling! – and not overly floral or artificially perfumed like many other pet shampoos. I can’t stop snuggling into Alice for just another sniff :)

Nootie Pet Shampoo in Sweet Pea & Vanilla, £7.99

At 16 fl oz (472 ml) this bottle was larger than most others on the shelf and per 100ml actually worked out cheaper. My only wish is that I had picked up the daily freshening spritz in the same fragrance!


So, what do YOU think?

Doesn’t Alice look totally and utterly beautiful?!

Why don’t you leave Alice a comment below and I’ll pass it on to her. She’s having a tough time right now and I know she’ll totally appreciate it! 

Alice after bath


~ Natalie

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