It Was Nice Knowing Y’all…

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No sooner do I make the decision to re-join the blogosphere, then it appears my  return may sadly be short-lived.

For this is what I am facing across my street right now.

This is our internet-junction-box-thingy.



It would seem the engineer sent to ‘fix’ issues, may have created a whole bunch more.

You’d think there would be a simple helpline to report such stuff, right?


With a telephone system that rivals The Krypton Factor for skills need to ‘reach the other end,’ a friendly-neighbourhood attempt at getting this fixed seems like an impossible task.

And yes, I did try and fix it up, but they have this super-duper-secret key that is needed to close it. You know, to keep kids out and stuff.

It kinda feels like sitting on a ticking time bomb right now. Schools out in 5 hours. This may be my last 5 hours on the interwebs.

It was nice knowing y’all.


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