Follow Clues and Discover Chocolate on the National Trust Easter Egg Hunts

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Easter Egg Hunt

National Trust Easter Egg Hunt

Easter egg hunts are such fun, aren’t they?

I have such fond memories as a child running round a family friend’s woodland garden gathering clues and finding a chocolate surprise. So I was delighted when I learned that one of our favourite organisations is running their eighth annual easter egg trail!

Taking place over 3rd – 6th April at National Trust venues all over the country you can follow clues and discover chocolate in some the UK’s most beautiful surroundings.

National Trust Easter Egg Hunt

Every trail begins at ‘Base Camp’ where you will receive your ‘Eggsplorer Trail Journal’ containing a trail map and clues to help you stay on track.

Grown-ups can admire the historical properties and beautiful grounds, and the kids can eggs-pend some energy.

After successfully completing the trail, each Eggsplorer will be rewarded with a Cadburys Egghead.

National Trust Easter Egg Hunt

And oh my goodness, do they have eggs!

Over a quarter of a million Cadbury Eggheads have been delivered to NT properties in readiness for this weekend. (That’s a whopping 21.5 tonnes of milk chocolate awesomeness).

All ready and waiting for families to unleash their inner explorer!

National Trust Easter Egg Hunt

For years we have been members of the National Trust and have enjoyed countless visits to historic homes and places all over the country. Without a doubt, the annual National Trust Easter Egg Hunt is a huge highlight the kiddos look forward to each year.

Here in Dorset, we are blessed with several locations, including Studland Beach, Brownsea Island and our favourite, Kingston Lacey.

Find A Trail Near You…

There are over 300 locations across the UK to choose from… check out and find an easter egg hunt near you!

Follow clues and discover chocolate? Oh my goodness, who couldn’t say no to that?!

Happy exploring!


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