Muffin Top Cupcake Cases – a fun reminder you can have your cake and eat it (in moderation!)

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muffin top cakes

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I’m not a fan of muffin tops. You know the kind of squidgy bulge that sneaks out from your midriff when your jeans are that little bit too tight. Especially since I worked so hard last year to banish mine.

Now that I enjoy a healthier diet, I’m conscious not to deny myself the foods I so love. It helps to avoid that whole ‘crave and binge’ cycle. Instead, I now enjoy everything, but in moderation.

And cake. I will never give up my love of cake.

Muffin top cake cases

Muffin Top Cupcake Cases

When I discovered these muffin tops molds, I just knew I had to get them. What better way to enjoy cake, but with a perfect reminder of the consequences of eating them all.

You get 4 muffin top cupcake cases to a box ( … and I thought you always had to bake by the dozen :) ) and there’s no need to decorate with buttercream. They are perfect just as they are.

To make your own muffin tops, simply pour your favourite cupcake batter into the molds (I used my cake pop batter recipe which works perfectly), pop them in the oven and watch as they rise and develop perfect little muffin tops.

This may just be the most perfect weight loss reminder I’ve ever come across. 


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