Lush… Where Everything Smells Good Enough To Eat

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Lush beauty products

So, there I was… happily wandering through the streets of Old Town Poole whilst out for a leisurely stroll with the family and whoopsie! I came home with a bag full of products from Lush!

I blame the deliciously intoxicating aromas that were wafting out the door and pulling me in. It wasn’t my fault!

 Snow Fairy Magic Wand and Shower Gel

Lush Snow Fairy

My bath time routine is not usually one of calm and relaxation. It typically involves a hurried morning shower, often with a one-child audience, the door wide open and a yelled conversation down the hallway reminding the other child to get dressed for school. So when I saw the Snow Fairy range nestled on the shelves in Lush, it was like a serene bath time spell was cast upon me.

For a magical bath time experience, just swish Snow Fairy’s wand around your bath to create Snow Fairy scented bubbles. If you’ve ever wondered what a Snow Fairy smells like, she’s a bit like… um, yikes, I’m terrible at describing fragrance… like a sparkly, sweet, fruity candy floss!

I loved the Snow Fairy so much, I bought two. One for me and one for a gift!

Watch out for that Snow Fairy – she’ll cast a spell on you!

Snowman Bath Bomb

Lush snowman

Snowman was Lauren’s choice because he looked so sweet!

Hidden away beneath that frosty exterior, is a delicious creamy-vanilla-scented bath with cocoa butter just waiting to get out. Aw, it will be a shame to melt him!


Lush Fun

I almost overlooked the Fun Bar until the sales advisor demonstrated this to us in store. It’s all soft and squishy like a child’s play dough but can be used in so many ways. You can break a little bit off and use like a soap, lather to cleanse your hair, add to a gushing hot bath for lots of lovely bubbles – or just play and squeeze for lots of fun! It’s made with mandarin and orange oils and smells devine!

I told myself I was buying it for the kiddos. No, really I was.

Hello, Robot!

Lush Ickle Robot

How cute is this little fella?!

Thomas chose this bath bomb because he looks like a Lego man. I agreed because he may become my secret weapon :)

Created to be mild, gentle and soothing for skin and itchy bits on babies, this is a perfect choice for Thomas and Lauren who both suffer with very dry skin.

Ickle ‘Bot also contains sleep-inducing essential oils. I will exterminate tiredness!


Golden Wonder Bath Bomb (£3.50)

Confession time.

I’m currently using Golden Wonder as a Christmas decoration in my bathroom. It just looks so pretty and the fragrance fills the room.

Lush Golden Wonder

But actually, this is the one I’m looking forward to using the most so it won’t last long on the side.

I’m promised a luxury lustre-filled fizzing bath with the scent of a champagne cocktail. Oh, and the water will turn turquoise and leave me bathed in in gold glitter and stars.

I’m just waiting for the right time to enjoy this magical wonder. You know… quiet evening alone, kiddos fast asleep, glass of wine in my hand… bliss!

Santa Baby

Lush Santa Baby

“Santa baby, just slip a lip gloss under the tree, for me… “

I didn’t need another lip balm. I have dozens of lip balms tucked away in every handbag, desk draw, bedside table and more. But with a name like Santa Baby, how could I resist! Plus, I will always be ‘mistletoe ready’ this Christmas :)

Best Customer Service. Ever!

Lush Store Poole

This guy – I think his name was Ben – was just awesome, and man, did he know his stuff! Every question I fired at him, he knew the answer. Knowing we were Lush Newbies, he was just so happy to demonstrate a variety of products to us and he was great with the kids too. We weren’t the fastest shoppers (it takes time to sniff EVERY single product, you know) and he kept his cool. Every store should have a Ben.

A Lush Surprise

Lush Christmas penguin

And this.

What an awesome little treat to find in our bag once we got home.

With orange flower and mandarin oil I’m looking forward to p-p-popping this penguin into the bath. He smells soooo good and refreshing!

Thank you, Ben. We appreciate you!


Do you shop at Lush? Tell me your favourite product in the comments below so I know what to look out for next time I go shopping…  

~  Natalie

PS. I must remember never to shop for Lush when I’m hungry. These smell good enough to eat!

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  1. says

    I don’t like the bombs with glitter or seaweed/dried bits as I end up having to scrub the bath or unclog the drain after which isn’t very relaxing but I love the rose bubble bars, I forget the name but they have a rose on the top and make the best bubbles/most decadent bath time ever.

    • Natalie says

      Oh I don’t think I saw a rose bubble bar… although it was almost a sensory overload with all the gorgeous sights and smells. I will definitely look out for that one next time! Thanks for the great tip!

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