Letter to Lauren

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Lauren is 4

Dear Lauren,

I shed a few tears this morning. After dropping you off at nursery, and your brother to school, I returned home full of overwhelm and emotion.

Four years ago today, you made a miraculous arrival into this big wide world. Six weeks early and with more medical intervention than I ever thought possible.

You had arrived. And you were a fighter.

I don’t think I will ever get over the feeling of helplessness, despair and pain at a time that should have been so joyous.

Lauren baby

I look back now and smile. Even then, so tiny and frail you made your mark on the world. Your arrival was momentous.

Four years later, and you never, ever stop. Every day is filled with wonderment and surprise and adventures yet to be discovered.

I want to remember this age forever.

Your perfect little body, dancing and wriggling every moment of every day. Never still for more than a second. Your wonderfully funny personality that has me laughing every single day. Your fun and laughter bringing smiles to everyone you meet. Your tiny little nails painted in sparkly glitter, just like your doll. Your crazy wild hair smelling of peach and apricot detangler (that btw, doesn’t actually work), from which you feel so grown-up having ‘hair spray’.

And oh your hair. Dear sweet Lauren, what are we going to do with your hair? You have your mamma’s curls, and then some. But it suits you. It’s wild and crazy and wonderful, just like you.

It hasn’t been perfect. There have been bumps along the road. You see, we are too similar, strong-willed and determined. But at those moments when we clash, I smile and see my younger self looking right back at me.

Please don’t ever stop saying the cutest words. Lompster for lobster, terra sape for Sellotape, dalek bread for garlic bread. And when I ask you, “What is Daddy?” you shriek, “Awesome Sauce!” excitedly. I love that.


You are a constant ray of sunshine in our lives. Always happy, always smiling. You know what you want and you always get it. You have your father and brother wrapped around your little finger. You’re a go-getter. You inspire me daily.

Thank you for being your sweet, crazy, strong-willed, independent sassy little self who has challenged me beyond anything I could ever have imagined.

Happy 4th birthday, my precious baby girl.

I love you with all my heart.

~ Mummy xoxo

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