LEGOLAND And Our Surprise Reveal

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For as long as I can remember, Thomas has desperately wanted to go to LEGOLAND. And by desperately, I mean he has heart-achingly wanted to go.

For a child who is totally obsessed with his prized collection of little building blocks, LEGOLAND has been his ultimate dream destination.

Thomas turns 7 in just a couple of weeks, but since the park will be closed at that time, we decided to take him as an early birthday surprise.

Watch the moment we revealed to Thomas we were taking him to LEGOLAND…

For every hesitation I’d made over the admission price – THAT reaction alone was worth every penny!

That evening last week, Thomas fell asleep (eventually!) such a happy boy full of excitement and anticipation at the big day ahead of him. Even Lauren could barely contain her excitement.

Thomas has asked so many times to go to LEGOLAND, and I am so thrilled we could fulfil his dream.

… only now he has another dream. To go again!

Check back again soon as I share all the highlights from our trip. I have some awesome photos to share!

Have you been to LEGOLAND? What is your favourite memory from your visit?


~ Natalie

New post coming soon: our trip to LEGOLAND!

Out now:  Halloween at LEGOLAND

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