Birthday lunch: Jenkins and Sons

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Did I mention it was my birthday at the weekend?

Just a few times, huh :)

Well, since no birthday is complete without a little celebration, the family and I headed down to Jenkins & Sons in Penn Hill for a celebratory Saturday afternoon lunch.

Look what was waiting for me on the table when we arrived… I love this personal touch! 


wine bottle on table

I was so indecisive when it came to choosing from their menu. Yep, I’m ‘one of those’ who short-list 10 dishes I can’t decide between. I’m sorry – it all sounded SO good.

You can check out their menu here

I was dying to try out the Josper grilled sirloin, but I don’t normally eat a large meal at lunchtime and I just knew I’d never finish it. So, I went for their ‘house’ burger instead and decided I’d just have to make a trip back one evening :)


I always think you can get a really good feel for a restaurant by how great their homemade house burgers are. Don’t you? Ya know, simple dishes made well with great ingredients.

It did not disappoint…

A proper burger cooked in their charcoal Josper oven and with a real chunky meaty texture that you could tell instantly was handmade.

Nestled underneath and spread generously on the toasted bun was a thick spread of house relish… kinda like sweet onion, I think? It was good. They should totally bottle that up and sell it. And yes, I ditched the pickle. Sorry! (Hubby wolfed it down though, he loves those. Crazy guy).

And those chips! *Swoon*

burger and chips

The kiddos heard me order and decided they both wanted burgers too.

Like mine, theirs too were freshly made (and perfectly sized for little tummies). Their menu came with a side choice of corn on the cob, chunky chips, mixed dressed salad or mash potato. As always, Thomas went straight for the chips, and Lauren for the corn.

(Side note: If the menu ever gets a revamp, I would love to see the kiddos options read as a choice of potato plus a choice of salad/veg. Gotta sneak them veggies in wherever you can!)


Excuse the owl. He came home from school for the weekend and we had to document his ‘adventures!’

For dessert, I asked Mark our server what he would recommend?

Without hesitation he jumped right in with the citrus tart and raspberry sorbet. (I’m guessing he may have enjoyed this a few times, too 😉

With a creme brûlée-style sugary crust and the most delicate butterfly tuile, it was ah-mazing.

Now I normally go for something chocolatey after dinner, but this was PERFECT. It was light, refreshing, tangy and sweet. Oh, and that sorbet!


Just as we were finishing up, the table next to us had their order arrive. From what I could tell, they had the triple decker Jenkins club sandwich and the classic BLT. Oh. My. Word! They were HUGE! And they had the most lovely looking gaufrette potatoes on the side. (Fancy lattice-style homemade crisps to you and me).

You know those times when you really want them to lean over and say, “Hey, you wanna try one…?”

Yes, that. And sadly, they didn’t.

I’m not usually a big sandwich fan, and I really did love my burger, but I would order that sandwich in a heartbeat next time I visit for lunch…

Jenkins & Sons

A former 1920’s butchers and fishmongers, Jenkins and Sons is a wonderful place to eat. It has so much character – a real blend of modern-meets-traditional -that you just don’t get from ‘chain’ eateries.

I love that they retained (and emphasised) so many original features like the lovely huge sash window (the former butcher’s store front) and the old fashioned tiles out the front. Aren’t they gorgeous!

Jenkins and Sons

If you’re in the Poole area and looking for somewhere great to eat, you should totally check them out.

Who: Jenkins and Sons (website)
Where: 7 – 8 Bankes Chambers, Penn Hill, Poole, BH14 9NB
When: 9am – 11pm every day

Oh, and the homemade elderflower lemonade is gorgeous!

Pop along. You won’t be disappointed.

xoxo Natalie

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