I Screen, You Screen, We All Screen For Sunscreen

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It’s an understatement to say, that in my younger years, I somewhat OD’d on my intake of Vitamin D.

In my never-ending quest for even just a hint of a tan, I fried my skin to a crisp.

Oh, the number of days I sat in agony, sunburned.

Heck, I even walked down the aisle at my own wedding with one ridiculously burnt shoulder – thanks to an extended al fresco lunch break at work, sipping wine with colleagues to celebrate.

Between the ages of 16 to 26, I alternated between shades of brilliant white and lobster red. I was convinced that eventually my skin would acclimatise and eventually turn brown. It never did. But now, (a little bit) older and yes, somewhat wiser, I’ve finally learned the importance of good sun protection. Not only for me, but for my children too. For they too have been *blessed* with skin, my fair shade of pale.

Fun in the sun

This week, we have been fortunate to have the most superb weather. It’s been glorious! Yesterday, was reportedly hotter than Florida and Jamaica! (Not bad for a little seaside town on the South Coast of England!)

But just one incident of sunburn can lead to days of misery. No, thank you!

Check out Miss. Lauren carefully applying her sun protection. Yep, age 3 – and she knows what to do!


Wide-brimmed hat, high factor sun protection and some sunnies… all the essentials!

sun essentials

Now, to kick-back and enjoy this weather. Us Brits know, it never lasts long!


Yay for summer!

sun fun

And of course, this mama needs to lead by example – and it’s Factor 30 for me, too!

Yep, the tanned leather look doesn’t look good on anyone, unless of course, you’re accessorising with a nice handbag or pair of shoes :)

What’s the weather like in your part of the world? How are you staying cool and safe in the sun?

~ Natalie



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    • Natalie says

      Hey Victoria, thank you for stopping by!

      I know what you mean… I’ve been seeking shade and shelter for the past few days, myself. Too hot!

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