How To Make A Halloween Tutu For Less Than £5

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How to make a tutu

Making a tutu for Halloween is so much fun and is an easy, low-cost craft you can do at home with your little ones!

How To Make a Tutu For Halloween

To make a tutu for Halloween, you will need:

  • A stretchy crochet band
  • Dress netting or tulle (more expensive)
  • Ribbon
  • Tape measure

Step 1: Measure

Decide how long you wish your tutu skirt to be. Measure from your child’s waist down to your desired length. Note this measurement – then double it.

Step 2: Prepare

If your tutu tulle or netting came on a roll (normally 6″), it will be easy to unwind and cut off lengths in your measured (doubled) tutu skirt length. If your fabric came on a bolt (sheet fabric) you will need to cut this into 6″ strips first.

The quantity of fabric you will need will vary depending on the length of your tutu skirt. Here, I used 2m of soft dress netting for a one-layer tutu.

*Tip* Some cheaper dress netting is very coarse and difficult to work with. Feel the fabric before purchasing and consider paying the extra few pennies for the softer variety. 

Step 3: Make Your Tutu!

With your tutu fabric now cut and prepared, take one strip and fold it in half. Push the looped end through your crochet band, then pull the loose ends through the loop and gently tug to tighten.

*Tip* Start your row of slip knots on the second row of your stretchy crochet band. The first / bottom layer has a delicate elastic seam. 


How to make a tutu

Step 4: Keep Going! 

Continue making slip knots all the way around.

How to: Tutu

Step 5: Decorate Your Tutu

For added decoration, thread a length of ribbon along the waistline, finishing in a bow. Don’t pull the ribbon too tight as it will prevent the elastic stretching when putting on.

*Tip* Use a safety pin on the end of your ribbon to guide / pull through your crochet band. If your ribbon starts to fray, gently heat the ends with a lighter to seal the fabric. 

Make a tutu

Step 6: Finish Your Tutu

Finish your tutu with a final piece of ribbon tied in a slip knot at the front and a loose bow at the neck.

No sew tutu

Make tutu for Halloween

Cost To Make A Tutu

Crochet band from eBay: £2.10
Dress netting (2m) at 99p/m: £1.98
Ribbon (3m) at 30p/m: 90p
Total Tutu Cost: £4.98

Halloween shoes and tights

Pretty girls black patent shoes and sparkly tights, Lauren’s own. Also available in-store at Sainsburys. Shoes £9.00, tights £2.99

Witches hat in black and black & purple, Lauren’s own. Also available at Hobbycraft, £1.00

We had so much fun, we made another tutu all in black… :)

Black Halloween tutu

If you would like to make a tutu, please feel welcome to follow this tutu tutorial.

I would love to see your finished creation! Hop on over to my One Busy WAHM’s Facebook Page and share your pics!

If you have any questions on how to make a tutu like this one, please leave a comment below – I’m happy to help!

~ Natalie

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  1. Eileen says

    Hi! What a beautiful costume! I looked arund eBay for the crochet band and I can only fine headbands. Could you tell me which seller you got the bodice width band from? Thanks!


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