Ask OBW: How Do You Make Chocolate Cake Pop Batter?

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Chocolate Cake Pop Batter

Earlier this week, I received a blog comment from a reader (Hi, Farienne!) asking if I had a recipe for chocolate cake pop batter, and if I’d share?

Well, Farienne… yes I do and yes I will :)

Making chocolate cake pop batter is very simple, and requires just a slight modification to my original cake pop batter recipe. 

Chocolate Cake Pop Batter



Eggs (1 per 12 cake pops required)
Self-raising flour
Caster Sugar
Cocoa powder


  • Weigh your eggs in their shells, and make a note of this weight. Set your eggs safely aside.
  • Weigh your margarine to the same weight as your eggs.
  • Weigh your caster sugar to the same weight as your eggs.
  • Weigh 1/3rd of your egg weight in cocoa powder
  • Weigh 2/3rds of your egg weight in self-raising flour


  • Beat together your margarine and caster sugar until light and fluffy.
  • Lightly whisk your eggs before slowly adding and blending into your mixture.
  • Add your flour and cocoa powder a spoonful at a time, and beat until smooth.
  • Brush your pre-heated Cake Pop Maker with oil, and add a teaspoon of your mixture to each of the wells.
  • Cook for 4 mins before removing gently and promptly.
  • Decorate.
  • Devour :)

The beauty of this recipe method, is that it works PERFECTLY each and EVERY time, regardless of what quantity or size eggs you use. How cool is that?!


Farienne, thank you for visiting the blog, raising such a great question and being part of this wonderful community!

I do hope you’ll now grab a coffee and go enjoy some chocolate cake pops!

PS. Happy Monday! I hope you have a great week!

~ Natalie


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  1. Farienne says

    That’s soooo sweet of you Natalie! Thank you so much :)

    Your cake pop recipes will get popular all the way in the Caribbean…

    Just liked your Facebook page, hope to have tons of fun discovering more and more recipes (I just purchased my cake pop maker last weekend!)

    I’m grabbing a piña colade while I compose my supermarket list :)

    • Natalie says

      Caster sugar is the type of sugar we use in the UK for baking. It’s finer than granulated sugar (which we add to tea) and is coarser than icing (powder)sugar :)

  2. Manal says

    Hi Natalie
    I don’t have a cake pop maker and was wondering if this cake pop batter or your vanilla pop batter work with a silicone cake pop baking tray?

  3. Hossein says

    Hi Natalie
    I see your cake pops and also tried to make them. It was delicious but I have a problem with making cake pops in a large number of them (I mean more than 500 cake pops a day). What do you do to make lots of cake pops in a short time?

    • Natalie says

      Whilst I’ve never personally made such a large quantity, my tips for making large batches of cake pops would be:

      – Make your cake pop batter in advance in quantity required. As a rough guide, 1 egg = 12 pops.
      – Divide your batter into large piping bags. Plastic bags with the corner cut off will do fine. No nozzle required. Store in fridge until needed.
      – This will greatly speed up the process of adding cake pop mixture to the cake pop maker and help to keep mess to a minimum.

      If you regularly make a large batch, I would consider maybe investing in a second cake pop machine and working them both at the same time, since they are relatively cheap to buy.

      500 cake pops sound amazing. Please do take a photo and come share it on my FB Page!

  4. Alice says

    The cake pops I made for my son’s birthday party were such a success that I’ve decided to do it again for my turn in the bake club at work. However the cake pop sticks I ordered haven’t arrived yet, so I’m torn between either waiting for them to arrive (and I’ll be tight on time) or using ice pop sticks… which won’t fit in the stand I have for decorating them. Any thoughts?

    Also seeking tips on rolling/dipping the cake pops in melted chocolate; did it last time, but found it very tricky, so looking for easy ways.


    • Natalie says

      Hi Alice :) Okay, there are a couple of alternatives I used when I run out of cake pop sticks. My first choice is the thin wooden coffee stirrers your get in coffee shops. If you speak to the owner nicely, they may let you buy a dozen or so, for only a few pennies. Otherwise, another great alternative is paper straws. You know, the trendy kind that have pretty spots and chevron patterns all over. They are a little more expensive, but the great designs work especially well for a party etc.

      As for covering in chocolate, hop on over to my other cake pop post: and scroll down to the comments. I responded to Steph with a few tips on coating which you may also find useful :)

  5. Alice says

    Thanks, great advice. Made two batches today, with the intention of decorating tomorrow… but the second batch went wrong; the ones in the middle the mould didn’t cook!

  6. Giaan says

    Wow!! I love this recipe!! I’ve been looking for cake pop recipes for AGES…And this is the best one both in presentation AND taste! Thankyouthankyouthankyou!

  7. Linda says

    As posted on your “regular” cake pop batter site … the chocolate recipe is just as good. Thanks again Natalie. And by the way, your recipes have found their way to Luxembourg in Europe where we’re just starting out with the novelty of cake pops, and also to the UK to my daughter. Keep ’em coming.

    • says

      Hello again, Linda :)

      Wow, I’m delighted this has reached you all the way over in Luxembourg *waves*.

      I went to Lux a few years ago – spent waaaay to much money in your wonderful Villeroy & Boch outlet shop. :)

  8. Angi says

    This recipe looks great. If I were to bake these in the silicone cake pop molds, would I bake it like a normal cake on 180 (Celsius) and for how long?


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