How Being In A Relationship Can Save You Money

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Being in a relationship can prove expensive. To begin with, there’s the cost of dates out, the new outfit that you totally must have, the lovely little gifts that you buy each other. Fast-forward to married life and whilst I’d quite happily sit down with a bowl of cereal for my evening meal, hubby most definitely would not. All that steak costs money!

Until now, I had never considered how being in a relationship can actually SAVE you money on many household essentials. Check out this fun info graphic from the folks over at Ovo Energy¬†sharing just some of the ways…

How being in a relationship can save you money
Make the right choice: slash your bills with cheap electricity deals!

Just look at the savings on car insurance alone!

Single or coupled, it always pays to shop around when it comes to energy and household bills – there are so many savings to be had.

And next time I go shopping for some pretty new shoes, I can tell Hubby that I’m actually saving him money. Think that will work? :)

~ Natalie

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