Healthy Breakfast: Easy Overnight Oats

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overnight oats

I’m really fussy when it comes to breakfast. I cannot bear to eat first thing in the morning (I have zero appetite when I wake), but I also know that mum was right. Breakfast is THE most important meal of the day.

A good, nutritious breakfast kick starts your metabolism for the day ahead and keeps those hunger pangs at bay. When you are hungry, it so easy to make bad food choices.

I make these Overnight Oats the night before and enjoy as a late breakfast after the school run each morning…

Overnight Oats


35g porridge oats
1 Muller Light yoghurt (I used toffee)
Strawberries, blueberries or fruit of your choice


  • In a bowl, stir together the oats and Muller Light yoghurt
  • Wash and prepare your fruit
  • Layer your oats mix and fruit in a breakfast bowl or jar.
  • Cover and refrigerate until morning
  • Enjoy!

overnight oats

Overnight oats are best served as a breakfast dish. Unless, like me, you forgot you had a rare moment of organisation the night before and left them in the fridge until lunchtime. Still delicious as lunch :)

Why not change it up!

Try a different flavour Muller Light or fruit combination.

Overnight oats made with Vanilla Muller Light, layered with sliced banana and sprinkled with a few chocolate chips is delicious. Oh, and gently warmed is good, too!

overnight oats

Overnight oats is FREE on Slimming World Extra Easy when using your oats as your daily Healthy Extra ‘B’ choice :)

xoxo Natalie

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  1. Sharron says

    Please can someone tell me if this would be free on sp if I use the Oats as a choice b and instead of plain yogurt e(I dont like plain yogurt I syn a Greek muller lite yogurt as 1/2 a syn? If not why? I am trying to get my head around SP.

    • Natalie says

      Hi Sharon,

      The overnight oats work best with a runny yoghurt since they need to absorb the liquid. Unfortunately, the Greek style yoghurts – whilst very lovely – are a little too thick and don’t give the same results.

      Whilst Muller Lights (for example) are a free food on the Extra Easy plan, they won’t give you the weight loss *boost* you are looking for by following SP since they are neither an S or P food group.

      To get the best results from the SP plan, you would be better to avoid yoghurts as a ‘free’ food choice and instead look to pick a ‘free’ food that falls into the S or P category.

      – Aim for 1 x HexA and 2 x HexB per day
      – 50% of your food as Speed ‘S’ food
      – 50% of your food as Protein ‘P’ food
      – 5 – 15 syns per day

      Depending on your recipe, you could substitute a yoghurt for say, quark, which is a great P alternative! Make sense?

      Check out my oat pancake recipe.. this could be modified with quark as an alternative SP recipe :)

  2. Sammie says

    Will definitely be trying this. I have made it with just plain fat free yoghurt on SW but got soo bored half way through as it was boring as there was no flavor other than the fruit. i had to add sweetener to give it a taste. way to sharp for early morning. this should keep it syn free but flavor sum. thank-you

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